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From jan a people of good hope, greetings living men and women of the commons, a number of people recently signed up, applied for, registered with or submitted documents to various international common law groups or initiatives, like common law court international or UK, a warriors calls (christopher james), gemstone university and a few others, some of them already failed and disappeared, i.e. earth united or got exposed as yet another form of saviour fraud, whether planted and controlled opposition or due to naive and limited comprehension of the situation by their leaders.

whilst we honour all efforts and it is certainly not wrong seeking international support and/or adding our name to other mailing lists, you are on the ground where you are, lex loci, the law of the place; most have not even spoken to any people at the above mentioned organisations, inquire about their agenda, POA or even jurisdiction face to face.

here in africa, we have common, customary and tribal law, it is well and alive, does not need to be reanimated, summoned, demanded or brought back, if you want to know and learn about it, go visit your local tribal authority or native nation, asked them how it works and worked for as long as they can remember.

also, if RGH (republic of good hope), gift of truth and johan joubert would’ve gotten more attention and support, there’d be no need to waste hours of time in online zoom calls with common law courts in australia or other crown dependency territories.

we have been at this for close to a decade, dealt with the entire judiciary, legal system, BAR harlots (of babylon), the corporate government agencies in all detail, i.e. the answer from the RSA constitutional court :

“no prospect of success “ for the people to offset the national debt and become creditors again.

a good (or bad) example and reason for concern are websites and information like this :

>>> <<<

their URL even constituting common law, but the landing page alone discrediting all of it, although showing “nature of the cage” and some old John Harris graphic, the menu bar links to the UN, the Nuremberg Code and some other unrelated covidian jargon, take down the cabal or blame the Bilderburg (it’s actually Bilderberg though).

sure the URL was only registered in 2018 and Geoff Gallacher is still awakening himself, unfortunately he doesn’t have contact details on his site, other than a website reply form, or i would’ve cc’ed him here, maybe someone is in direct contact; he also seems to link to >>> <<< there has been a lot of controversy around them too, people being compromised and/or agents, data harvesting etc;
having visited their website a while ago, i compiled the attached PDF, highlighting more misconceptions.

the biggest (part of the) problem and an ongoing issue of many newcomers is referencing or referring to the United Nations and more recently in light (or darkness) of the covidian spell, the Nuremberg Code or Trials.
from above website :
>>> <<<

” Eleanor Roosevelt was heavily involved in championing civil rights and social activism. She was appointed chair of the UN Commission on Human Rights which drafted the UDHR. “

seriously ? i mean, if you have a thing for Eleanor or Franklin, fine, some people still like Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Donald Trump, any of the founding fathers or Elon Musk, but keep it to yourself and/or private dinner parties, not your public website !!!

let me be clear, what follows is my private observation and opinion, which i presented at dinner parties by the way, not always to the liking of either the guests or the host though… it does not relate to RGH and/or its apolitical status, the UN has got as much to do with common law than Neil Armstrong walking on the moon,…

sure the wording of the Nuremberg Code looks and sounds as logical as lovely, just like any of these feel good instruments presented by the global legislators, that be Magna Carta, UN declaration of human rights, UNDRIP, Geneva Convention and pretty much all constitutions, drafted by groomed and hand picked elitist scholars who utilize words for more than reading and writing in text documents. Try use any of their articles to assert whatever they proclaim !!!

…please THINK before creating, posting or copy/paste a meme or seemingly wise quote of some celebrity freedom fighter, much rather be creative, write something in your own words, it’s the only thing you have at your disposal and truly own :
your voice, your frequency… to say “what is” is impossible, you can only say “the world is sound” because you are a sound creator and you are what you speak, you just said it…

and so does José González :

>>> <<<

over and out collaborators,

jan a people of good hope

2 thoughts on “SA Common Lawful News

  1. There are many non-English speaking countries where is very hard to find any reliable information about Common Law practical application and people who would be fluent in it. Is there any source that you could recommend how/where to find Common Law specialists in other European or Asian countries?

    1. Greetings Edita, kindly email us at; every nation has a common or customary law; the best place is to begin with your nation’s customs; otherwise use your religious teachings as the foundation for your common law; look at the American States Assemblies and Jural Assemblies; email us if you need further guidance; blessings, brother-thomas

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