SA Cease & Desist Order to the UN

private and public communication for all jurisdictions – original law of nations

notice to agent is notice to principal

notice to principal is notice to agent

To:                   António Guterres Secretary-General

                       United Nations Secretariat, hereinafter “debtors”

                        New York, NY 10017

And:                BIS, CCP, CFR, CIA, ICC, ICJ, IMF, LONDON, US, ROME, WHO et al

From:              brother-thomas, peacemaker

                        fiduciary for the South African Republic

                        Southern Africa Jural Assembly, hereinafter SAJurA,

                        arbitrators for the Southern African people, hereinafter “creditors”

                        A people’s court of conscience


Dated 23 November 2021

Madams and Sirs, in peace and without malice aforethought,

We are not in your venue, yet we have urgent need to communicate with your Office as a matter of urgency and of Southern African national security.

Notice & Order for the United Nations

To Cease & Desist in Southern Africa

Kindly Take Extra-Judicial Cognizance That in accordance with the original law of nations and the intentions, objects and purports of U.N. Resolution 1514, but not subject to it, we the people of Southern Africa are the lawful and rightful creditors, fiduciaries, owners, priority claimants, principals, shareholders and trustees of the un-incorporated South African Republic, an Express Trust at South African Common Law and at Original Law Merchant, as well as all Southern African air, land, soil, water, seas, gold, minerals, resources, public and private assets, accounts, buildings, mines and every thing else above the land to the stars, and below to the centre of the earth and on the land and soil; it is ours at natural law and the original law of nations, and not property of the Major Nations by employment of semantic deceit under colour of “international law” – the Law of War.

Maxim – Often it is the new road, not the old one, which deceives the traveler.

That any and all assets, accounts, commercial paper, negotiable instruments and credit due to the bankrupt RSA Inc. is hereby declared and deemed as re-venued into the South African Republic Trust for the creditors and their beneficiaries namely, we the Southern African peoples.

That RSA Inc. CIK#: 0000932419 is in fact a UN “Sub-division” however, agents are in fact our hired help and have made unconscionable contracts with international agencies without the express informed consent and permission of the creditors.

Maxim – A contract founded on a base and unlawful consideration, or against good morals, is null.

Therefore, all agreements and contracts made between RSA Inc. and United Nations Agencies are hereby all declared null and void back to their beginnings.

Maxim – Everything is dissolved by the same means by which it is put together, — destroyed by the same means by which it is established.

Furthermore, certain RSA Inc. and foreign agents have hijacked our organic Republican Trust for the benefit of a small group of local and global elites whose names are all well-known and we the creditors are claiming it back. Refer to

And, that all those who have privately benefitted from the now bankrupt RSA Inc. are themselves privately liable in their own legal capacity for any and all RSA Inc. debts accrued to the local and international community since 1994 and be held as the sureties for all said debts accrued, due or owing and not the creditors. The partner of my partner is not my partner.

Maxim – He who enjoys the benefit, ought also to bear the burden.

Furthermore, we hereby re-claim back all the gold, diamonds and resources unlawfully confiscated since 1898 and beyond in the non-permanent Bank of England – Federal Reserve System – a fiat gold-for-debt-swop Ponzi Scheme Swindle by an organized criminal banking cartel which is not a lawful banking system, back to 1898 and beyond.

And, that the ongoing plunder and piracy of Africa by the Major Nations is well documented and reported; refer to

And, as a result the South African Republic has a credit with the international agencies, estimated to be the equivalent of the world’s Gross Domestic Product by a South African Reserve Bank expert, which bank is also property of the people.

A Truth & Restoral Commission will be launched by, for and of the people in this regard to do a full investigation so as to balance the books, contract the debt and close the accounts. There is no statute of limitations on fraud.

Kindly Take Further Notice That it is the common opinion of the educated and informed people that the UN, WHO, UN Peacekeepers and other agencies are merely a front for the global elites of the Corporate Western Empires – the Major Nations – the One World Government – the New World Order.

Maxim – Common opinion is good authority in law.

And, that the UN global de-population Agenda is well known and common knowledge amongst the educated and informed people.

And, that the COVID Plandemic is merely a eugenics bioweapon and transhumanism “gene therapy” programme which is all part and parcel of the UN de-population Agenda and mass scale genocide of peoples without informed consent.

And, that these are all in fact crimes against humanity and against the sovereign nations in general in accordance with the original law of nations.

That which natural reason has established among all men is called the “law of nations.” 1 Bl.Comm. 43; Dig. 1, 1, 9; Inst. 1, 2, 1.

Take Further Notice That we abide by the Law of Peace which is superior to the Law of War and we wish for you to enter into peaceful negotiations. Kindly contact us via email to so as to negotiate your withdrawal.

Therefore Take Final Notice That for the herein named reasons we consider the presence of the United Nations Agencies on our land of Southern Africa as an invasion; as a declaration of war on humanity, as enemies of the people, as interfering with our independence, as a violation of our national sovereignty; as a threat to the peace, safety and security of the Southern African people as a whole and to our Republic; all of which we have the natural God-given right to defend

Maxim – Enemies are those with whom we declare war, or who declare it against us; all others are traitors or pirates.

Therefore, you are hereby expressly ordered to:

Immediately cease and desist in any and all further crimes against humanity;

To immediately begin re-calling and withdrawing all agents, employees and troops;

To pack up and leave Southern Africa within 90 days as of today’s date;

And, failing in which, you then lawfully and legally give we the people of South Africa the legal and lawful natural right of self-defence in accordance with the law of necessity for self-preservation.

Maxim – Necessity overrules the law.


To declare a people’s state of emergency;

To raise a Southern African Peoples Defence Force and Liberation Army;

To deputize Marshalls so as to assemble militias;

To arrest and deport any and all agents;

To confiscate and seize any and all UN equipment and gear;

To use said equipment in our self-defence against the UN agencies so as to repel the invasion with the minimum force necessary to restore peace and security;

And or to de-commission and salvage said equipment to defray expenses.

Maxim – Necessity makes that lawful which otherwise is not lawful.

Kindly act and respond and govern yourselves accordingly; By Order.

Commanded, Declared, Ordered, Proclaimed, Wished and Recorded this 23th Day of November 2021, Land Southern Africa; South African Republic.

In peace, by brother-thomas – peacemaker

SA Jural Assembly


Download PDF: SA Cease & Desist Order to the UN – 2021.11.23

13 thoughts on “SA Cease & Desist Order to the UN

  1. I am in absolute full agreement with the above. This will be in accordance as stipulated conditions as above.

  2. Take back our power SA Citizens and we are no longer slaves of their corrupt system Viva the informed !

  3. We, the people of this beautiful land, will take up arms and fight ANY invader that threatens our freedom, sovereignty and our right to peaceful existance.
    You have been warned.
    There will be no warning shots. There will be no further discussion or announcements.
    We will use any means necessary to expel you from our land.
    You have been warned

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