SA Warning regarding UN troops

YES Movement members have reported this morning that UN Troops are preparing to invade South Africa from Botswana. Obviously, they are coming under guise of :”assisting” in the plandemic de-population agenda but we regard it as an invasion; SA Jural Assembly will be sending the UN a Cease and Desist Order tonight:

From their Tweet:

Ask any questions you may have there;

38 thoughts on “SA Warning regarding UN troops

  1. How strong (in all manners) is the Resistance as majority in the nation is obviously still fast asleep.

    1. Our sources tell us that we have three times more self-defence equipment than the enemy; remember, the ex-military veterans never fell asleep; make sure you mobilize your own local militia or neighbourhood watch or commandos; the best is that we do not know about each other but act when we blow the whistle; in peace.

      1. The best is not to build a network because it can be infiltrated; the bush telegraph is working now; every local community must mobilize and set up their own local people’s court, action committee, militia, neighbourhood watch and prep for self-reliance.

    1. Wast here not numerous cries to the UN nations to come assist us against genocide? They should come help us for no other reason

      1. They not here to assist you, well unless it’s to help you jab.
        They Rocker fella, the UN, the new world order.

  2. Wast here not numerous cries to the UN nations to come assist us against genocide? They should come help us for no other reason

  3. Do all you can to stop the enemy, yes we are not prepared to take the vaccine and we will do everything to defend ourselves

    1. Greetings Mary, we must be doers of the law; we must rebuke evil and stand up to it;

      Isaiah 30:17 One thousand will flee at the rebuke of one: at the rebuke of five, will you flee, till you be left as a beacon upon the top of a mountain, and as an ensign on a hill.

  4. Yes we need to stop any kind of outside interference at all cost… thank you for all you doing to stop this…they must not be allowed to set foot on SA soil..we don’t aren’t prepared to partake in their trails…

  5. If GOD does allow this to happen, where will we come together to at least try help those not able to help themselves?

    1. I think that we need to be alert and really assess the situation before jumping to conclusions? Sanity must prevail? Apoach this prayerfully.

      1. Greetings Kevin, we will make a public statement tomorrow in this regard; please ask him to email brother-thomas at
        we are giving government a last chance to come to the table and if they don’t then as a last resort we must begin deputizing our local militias; in peace.

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