LOOK: EFF’s Julius Malema denies bribing King Dalindyebo with R1.8m Mercedes Benz

By Siyabonga Mkhwanazi Time of article published Nov 13, 2021

Cape Town – EFF leader Julius Malema has denied bribing AbaThembu King Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo when his party handed him the R1.8 million Mercedes Benz as a gift.

Malema, who was addressing the king and other guests in the ceremony in the Eastern Cape on Saturday, said they have been with the king from the time he was in prison.

At some point the king went on a hunger strike after his imprisonment on a range of charges, but the EFF got him to eat again.

He said they were not in the business of bribing the king.

Read more at: https://www.iol.co.za/news/politics/look-effs-julius-malema-denies-bribing-king-dalindyebo-with-r18m-mercedes-benz-75d7061a-c042-43e2-9d93-c4a6e8306974

Now, SA Jural Assembly was present this weekend when the Mercedes was handed over to Dalindyebo; and, we are first-hand witnesses to what is going on in Transkei; this gift was merely part of the biggest upcoming South African resource grab and sell-out yet to come;

In fact, we helped King Dalinyebo when he was in jail and when he came out he agreed with us to free the abaThembu people and to again declare his kingdom a sovereign state and to re-invoke the 1835 Tembuland Treaty with the British Crown recognising their sovereignty; so, he gave SA Jural Assembly power-of-attorney to proceed; we even administrated the Thembuland website; our case filings to free Dalindyebo are in the Constitutional Court Case No.: CCT144/2016; we have walked 10 years with the kingdom; we even had the late Ariki Te Wairemana, spiritual chief of the Aotearoa (Maori) willing to help the Thembu achieve their sovereignty as the Maori have;

HOWEVER, the REAL truth is that Malema and Ramaphosa are shareholders of RSA INC. and they have positioned themselves for the massive oil and gas fields off the Transkei coast that will make them all trillionares; some chiefs have already accepted R500 million to sell their people down the river. Soon, the abaThembu as a Nation will cease to exist because they have no more land; when in truth the land is allodial and therefore cannot be sold;

Listen people, we have seen the plans for the Transkei Metropolis that is earmarked as the next “Dubai” in Transkei. They are going to destroy the entire coastline from Port St. Johns all the way past Koffie Bay and beyond;

The indigenous people are being sold down the river by their kings who have become weak and greedy and lazy; they sell their people down the river for peanuts when they and their people together could be the trillionares themselves…

When SA Jural Assembly told Dalindyebo what needs to be done to free his people his first question to us was: “Does this mean I must give up my Porsche?”

Now, most of the other kingdoms know that they have to emancipate their kingdoms too but, they are getting free maintenance without having to work; but, they do not realize what they are giving up on the long term;

Nevertheless, we are going to foreclose on them all and freeze their accounts; they just don’t know it yet; let’s see who wins…

In peace, SA Jural Assembly

2 thoughts on “LOOK: EFF’s Julius Malema denies bribing King Dalindyebo with R1.8m Mercedes Benz

    1. It’s every man’s problem Pat; therefore the system must change to direct self-governance so we can easily put checks and balances in place to stop anyone from sticking their hand in the cookie jar; it’s when we the people decide to take responsibility and action, only will then things change. So, roll up the sleeves and help please?

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