High Treason by Gunther Schikelgruber


“Enough lies have been told. It is time for South Africans to learn the truth.

The author will inform the reader about these lies and although it will be a shocking experience, the time is right for ordinary people to know the truth because it is ordinary people who must rectify these lies by voting to insure that a better future will evolve. By figure of speech, every person if sitting in a theatre can see what is happening on stage. The secret is to “see” what is going on behind the curtains.

One of the biggest mistakes white South Africans have made was to follow their leaders blindly because these leaders had helped to set them free from British rule. Actually the voters had liberated themselves by voting – not the political leaders. Because of this newfound freedom, whites followed politicians into apartheid. Many people in their hearts didn’t want to follow, but because they where set free from British rule by these people, they still support them blindly. Black South Africans now face the same dilemma by blindly following their leaders who liberated them from apartheid, but they now have the knowledge that whites didn’t have. Don’t follow leaders blindly!

Most modern democracies accept that ten years is a fair chance of implementing changes that can be felt by the voter. People shouldn’t be afraid to vote for another party if the other party does have a better policy. It has been scientifically proven that it is healthy to have a different government every ten years. In any case, any political party blaming other people for their non-performance is guilty of not keeping its promises to the people. This book is about the lies being told to every South African. This book is not about the past but the present and the future. However, mistakes of the past are important, so the right decisions can be made to grow into the future.

Because of a budget restraint the author was not able to make this book as comprehensive as he would have wanted it to be. However, the reader will get the picture and finally the truth will set everybody free. The reader will be able to identify future lies and make their voices heard by making their democratic choice with a cross at the voting stations at the next election. Remember politicians are trained public speakers and know the art of convincing people to believe in them.

In essence this book is about spies, informers, agents and co-operators. The main focus is on three secret groups behind the political scenes, manipulating politicians and business executives whom were/are spies, informers, agents and co-operators. A lot of names are mentioned, but the reader can be sure that these people won’t acknowledge their involvement or their activities. Because a major discrediting campaign will be launched against the author if, or when they discover who he is, he has decided to write this book under a nom-de-plume. It will give him a breathing space to counter any actions against him. It will also show the reader what type of people are involved and confirm that what is written, is the truth.

Politicians, who think they are untouchable because of their office as the President or a Minister must know that they are public servants, in other words they are servants of the people who voted for them. The ANC must also remember that with the last election, only about 60% of people voted. Out of approximately 25 million people who are registered to vote, 10 million did not vote for them; in other words they don’t support the ANC. Of the 15 million who voted, they only drew 60% of the votes. In other words only 9 million people support the ANC. That means 16 million people do not support the ANC alliance.

It is important to mention that the different strategies the secret groups follow are very flexible because the plans revolve around the future and nobody can accurately predict what will happen tomorrow, but there is method in all this madness.”

Download and read: HIGH TREASON – by Gunter Schickelgruber

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