Public Notice & Order to the Independent Electoral Commission

To:      All Offices of the Independent Electoral Commission

            Hereinafter “Debtors”

From: Southern Africa Jural Assembly, hereinafter SAJurA,

arbitrators for the people, hereinafter “creditors”

            A people’s court of conscience


Dated 4 November 2021

Good Faith Private and Public Communication for all Jurisdictions

Cover Letter

Dear Madams and Sirs,

In peace and without malice aforethought, we the arbitrators for the informed people – the lawful and rightful authority, beneficiaries, creditors, owners, priority claimants, trustees and shareholders with unlimited commercial liability for the organic un-incorporated South African Republic, an Express Trust at South African common law, meaning the moral sentiment of the people, have assembled on Southern African land and soil at natural law jurisdiction as Southern Africa Jural Assembly, hereinafter “SAJurA”, an un-incorporated de jure people’s court of conscience and court of record by, for and of the people in accordance with the 1994 Reconstruction & Development Programme (RDP) Policy Framework 5.7 – The Administration of Justice and therefore not in your venue; however, we have need to urgently correspond with your office.

In peace, brother-thomas, peacemaker

Public Notice & Order to the Independent Electoral Commission

Notice to agent is notice to principal.

Notice to principal is notice to agent.

Kindly Take Extra-Judicial Cognizance That truth as a valid statement is sovereign in commerce and the “that without which not” (sine qua non) of any matter is to establish the truth.

Firstly, we have received numerous complaints from people wishing to remove their names from the IEC Voter’s Roll and that IEC Officials are attempting to prevent them from doing so, by:

Purposefully not keeping the required REC 6 Voter’s De-registration Form at the IEC Offices;

Purposefully removing the REC 6 Form from the IEC website, already before the last municipal elections;

Purposefully hiding the Electoral Act 73 of 1998 from the IEC Offices which obligates officials to remove voters when requested to. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

Purposefully not training IEC officials to comply with the aforementioned;

Purposefully not providing a Voter De-registration page or section thereby making it impossible to de-register as a voter without having to kick up a fuss.

Maxim – Gross negligence is equivalent to fraud.

This is commonly known as “pressganging” and has been outlawed for 200 years.

Furthermore, it is now common knowledge that REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA (INC.), hereinafter RSA Inc., is a foreign privately-owned for-profit company controlled by the UN, which is in fact a New World Order front,  and that all courts, departments and municipalities are in fact divisions and franchises of RSA Inc. Refer to; and as a result lawful government has in fact been vacant until now. However, the people are now emancipating and assembling.

Furthermore, voting is in fact a contract between the people and the IEC and therefore the IEC is obligated to fully disclose these facts in the terms and conditions so as to satisfy all elements of a contract under contract law; and, for people to be properly informed that they are in fact giving up way more than if they did not vote at all and rather removed their names from the voter’s roll.

If, the South African people knew that when voting they were in fact giving a few people permission to steal our public assets, plunder our accounts, loot our gold and valuable resources, bankrupt our Republic and use our military and police to protect the 1% criminals instead of protecting the 99% people, then the people would never vote. And, this piracy by RSA Inc. is in fact threatening the very peace, safety and security of all South African people, as well as you and your loved ones, and our Republic.

Maxim – No action arises on an immoral contract.

Furthermore, by employment of semantic deceit under colour of law and crimes of conversion the living sovereign people namely the creditors, when voting, are in fact being converted from living creditors with inherent unalienable rights into legal fiction “debtors” known as “persons” commonly known as a STRAWMAN with no rights by using their legal names in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS and identity numbers which are in fact CUSIP numbers for corporate entities and traded as “assets” by RSA Inc. fiduciaries on international markets to further profit off of we the people while then also holding the people as sureties for the fake IOU debts created by fiat currency.

Maxim – A contract founded on a base and unlawful consideration, or against good morals, is null.

Kindly Take Further Notice That the 1994 RDP policy framework is the last will of the people and that we declared a complete Reconstruction of South Africa and mandated local direct self-governance and not “representative government” and that we the people are putting it back on track – the people shall govern.

Therefore, your services are no longer required.

Take Further Notice That RSA Inc. is in fact a bankrupt entity operating under revolving rehabilitation bankruptcy and under “administration” by the UN/IMF/BIS/US/ also bankrupted by the Federal Reserve System since 1933, a Ponzi Scheme of debt-for-profit run by an organized crime syndicate of banksters since 1907.

Refer to  

That all contractual costs, debts and expenses incurred by the IEC and RSA Inc. departments is to the full private liability of those acting as administrators, agents, fiduciaries, officials, officers, principals, trustees and or others of RSA Inc. and its franchises; and as such will stand as sole sureties for any and all debts incurred, owing, due and or payable by them nationally and internationally in their own private capacity back to 1994 and beyond.

Maxim – He, who derives a benefit from a thing, ought to feel the disadvantages attending it.

Take Further Notice That at no point will the people, the creditors and priority claimants, ever be held as sureties for any debts incurred by RSA Inc. agents and or agencies.

Maxim – The partner of my partner is not my partner.

And we are not your partner; and, there is no statute of limitations on fraud.

Take Final Notice That you are kindly invited to join us in putting the Reconstruction of South Africa back on track as it was meant to be since 1994 and to help restore our Republic Trust, beginning with a Truth & Restoral Assembly by, for and of the people.

Nevertheless, you are hereby ordered to cease and desist in the voting fraud which is intended to enslave and defraud the people under colour of law.

Maxim – It is a fraud to conceal a fraud.

Kindly refer to the attached Mandamus to the SA BAR and COURTS OF SOUTH AFRICA in support of this Notice & Order.

Maxim – That which is against Divine Law is repugnant to society and is void.

Therefore, any and all IEC Election Voter Rolls and Elections are hereby declared null and void back to their beginnings (ab initio) now for then (nunc pro tunc) since 1994.

And, that delivery via email is sufficient service at common law.

By Order; govern yourselves accordingly.

Served and recorded this 4th of November 2021, allodial land Southern Africa, South African Republic Express Trust.

by: brother-thomas – peacemake

by: jan – a people in good faith

by: karl – a people in good spirits

SAJural Assembly


Download PDF:

Feel free to share it far and wide on social media. The people shall govern. In peace.

6 thoughts on “Public Notice & Order to the Independent Electoral Commission

  1. Thank you for doing this, I completed at handed in my REC6 at the local IEC office two years ago. The attendant in charge performed the data capture while I was there.
    Just before the last elections I checked to make sure I’d been removed, and lo and behold, the IEC had not removed me from the voters roll.

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