Boycott the SA Elections – Don’t Vote

A message from Gatto who was a former United Democratic Front – UDF founder and apartheid struggle activist:

“Opinion on the municipal elections: Our struggle against colonialism reached its peak in September 1989 when we opposed the colonial elections with the DONT VOTE campaign.
This lead the people to boycott the elections, uprisings took place and 23 people where killed by the apartheid police.

This lead to the government at the time under FW de Klerk agreeing to the unbanning of political organisations, release of political prisoners and the end to the state of emergency.
This lead to negotiations between representatives of the people and the apartheid regime.
An agreement was reached on party political elections in 1994.

This meant that the people’s organisations were disbanded and replaced by political parties and the ANC won the 1994 elections.

The consequences of this agreement/compromise meant that the people handed over power to the ANC to govern over them through a party political system.

On the 1 November 2021 local government party political elections were held in which more than 70% of eligible boycotted the elections, they did not vote.

This is a clear indication that people reject the 1994 compromise and party politics.
It’s time to restore the indigenous system of people’s power and we need to call to order those who continue to promote the colonial party politic system.”

To remove your name from the Voter’s Roll go to:

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