International Constitutional Tribunal for World Peace vs SA Jural Assembly


Dear Sir

I write to you in Peace.

It has come to my notice that you have taken certain issues into the Social Media space without verifying the details with the International Constitutional Tribunal for World Peace. By doing such you are slandering people who have worked diligently over many years, in the interest of Mankind and World Peace.

We are aware of the good work you are doing and feel your lack of knowledge of this matter will undo all the good that both you and the ICTFWP have been doing over the years.

Fanie Fondse and others within his close network, have put in years of sacrifice in getting to this point which you are, unintentionally or otherwise, scurrilously undoing. Fanie Fondse has a legal and binding authority and responsibility to expose the facts he has gathered in investigations he conducted at the behest of the South African government. If you are unaware of this then please desist in condemning Fanie and his actions. The ICTFWP did not spring up overnight, neither did the work that Fanie is doing start yesterday. This process has been ongoing for many years with the knowledge of the former Chief Justice and the State President.

As far as SWISSINDO is concerned we confirm that we have nothing to do with Neelu Chaudri and her group regarding SWISSINDO and have never had any form of contract verbal or in writing with her processes.

We have to insist that you cease and desist from using the ICTFWP, its associates, Fanie Fondse and Ambassador McArther in any way form or action.

We pray you continue in Peace.

Yours faithfully



Dear Thinus,

In peace, without malice aforethought but only for truth’s sake and only to educate you and the South African public of the facts;

Firstly, brother-thomas, written in lower case without loss of status, is a monk professed with no legal personality and thereby suffered abjuration of the realm and therefore is civilly dead (civilter mortuus) in the eyes of the BAR legal system; and, to call me a “Sir” or “BROTHER THOMAS”, which is Dog-Latin, is repugnant to common law; and, therefore me is clearly not in your venue yet needs to correspond with your office as a matter of urgency.

Mandamus to International Constitutional Tribunal for World Peace

Kindly take notice of the following facts:


Sovereignty is vested in the people for whom the fiction called government exists and acts. In a lawful republican form of government, officials are public servants of we the people and get paid by us to administrate our Republic’s affairs prudently; not, to hijack our country and then falsely claim to lord and master over us with force and arms.

God created man; man created a fiction called government and the sole purpose is to protect the inherent, natural, inalienable, unalienable rights of the people.

And, there is no accountability to the fiction state except before a jury of peers at common law or a tribal authority at customary law and of which the unanimous agreement of the people is binding:

“Inasmuch as every government is an artificial person, an abstraction, and a creature of the mind only, a government can interface only with other artificial persons. The imaginary, having neither actuality nor substance, is foreclosed from creating and attaining parity with the tangible. The legal manifestation of this is that no government, as well as any law, agency, aspect, court, etc. can concern itself with anything other than corporate, artificial persons and the contracts between them.” (S.C.R. 1795, (3 U.S. 54; 1 L.Ed. 57; 3 Dall. 54))

Now, the created fiction state claims to rule over we the creator. Maxim – The order of things is confounded if every one preserves not his jurisdiction.

Furthermore, the original organic un-incorporated South African Republic is an Express Trust of which the living people all together equally as the living “state” are the lawful administrators, beneficiaries, creditors, donors, owners, priority claimants, shareholders and trustees standing on the land.

Maxim – The Law of God and the law of the land are all one, and both favor and preserve the common good of the land.

Furthermore, the 1893 Dictionary of Arts and Literature – Encyclopedia Britannica gives the definition of the word “LEGAL” in five words: “THE UNDOING OF GOD’S LAW.”

Therefore, by the undoing of God’s Law and by means of trespass with force and fraud, mercenary conflicts on sovereign African land and soil and with false claims of abandonment upon the lands, people, resources and gold of the Southern African Kingdoms and Republics by secondary claimants and agents going back to 1488 by Rome, 1652 by Den Haag, 1910 by London, 1994 by Washington D.C. and 2015 by UN New York, the South African Republican Trust was hijacked, corporatized, bankrupted, claimed, re-venued, re-organized, pillaged and plundered and the people enslaved for foreign interests of the western empires which are now ruling from behind the UN major nations and from behind the corporate veil – The New World Order.

And, all this was fomented and achieved by the Crown and Vatican Courts and laws still on our lands by employment of semantic deceit under colour of law, treaty fraud, cestui vie trust fraud, conversion and barratry, to name but a few crimes fomented upon we the people. Refer to the Mandamus to SA Courts and Bar.

Maxim – Fraud vitiates a contract.

And, along with the merchant banksters who fomented the bankrupt, fiat Federal Reserve System, a non-permanent Ponzi scheme of IOUs to “administrate” the 1933 Bretton Woods re-organization bankruptcy until it is either “rehabilitated” or foreclosed and liquidated. Instead, by bait and switch, they fraudulently confiscated our gold and valuable resources and fraudulently left us with runaway “debt”, compound interest, hypothecation, securitization fraud and other mass scale commercial paper fraud, all of which we can never pay using the same system; therefore, it’s time to End the Fed.

Maxim – Faith must be kept; the simplicity of the law of nations must prevail. (a maxim applicable to Bills of Exchange)

Post 1994 South Africa – the people shall govern

And, since 1994, the people are now additionally being defrauded key agents and agencies of RSA Inc. – foreign UN corporate services provider on our lands intended to ONLY provide we the people with the services enumerated in the corporate charter of RSA Inc. namely, THE CONSTITUTION OF THE REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA, ACT 108 OF 1994 and has nothing to do with we the living people and nor with the un-incorporated organic South African Republic Trust.

Maxim – Capture by pirates and robbers does not change title.

Therefore, lawful government is in fact vacant; and, the living land jurisdiction is vacant; and, reality is vacant because we are all acting as “persons” i.e. corporate legal fiction entities “lost at sea”; instead of just being the actual living people that we in fact are; standing firmly on the land; all kings and queens in our own right at common law, customary law or natural law without regard for legal fictions; and, which are all in fact living superior jurisdictions to any dead legal fiction jurisdictions such as yours. Maxim – Every jurisdiction has its own bounds.

Cor. 7: 23 You are bought with a price, be not you the servants of men.

Therefore, the only lawful claimants standing firmly on the land and in (re)ality are the emancipated people, the people’s courts and the already 10 or so free and independent un-incorporated republics and states that have declared themselves. There is really no need to secede or otherwise, not from a fiction and especially not from a bankrupt foreign corporation not even an “inhabitant”.

Since 1994, we the people were meant to Reconstruct and Develop the New South Africa and fulfill our authority, ownership, autonomy, self-governance and independence, free from outside interference while RSA Inc. provides us with services; however, since 1994, RSA Inc. agents and agencies have stolen our public departments, accounts, assets, gold and resources yet again, and are now way in overreach of their limited commercial liability jurisdiction; and, are instead engaging in mass scale commercial paper fraud against the people, via backdoor clearing houses, evidenced by the lack of original utility bills, court orders, tax bills, invoices, title deeds, birth certificates and the like; and, also by improper application of the bills of exchange acts are able to double-bill the unwitting people.

And, in every single contract by banks, courts, RSA Inc. services providers the people get fraudulently converted from the lawful creditors into legal debtors. It is therefore clear that the entire system is null and void and needs an overhaul. This was already known long before 1994.

Maxim – A contract founded on a base and unlawful consideration, or against good morals, is null.

Now, the last will of the people was declared in the 1955 Freedom Charter and 1992-94 Reconstruction & Development Policy Framework and, both declared: The people shall govern! However, as Ronnie Kasrils so rightly stated in his book titled “Armed and Dangerous”: “Our people were sold down the river…” in favour of London, Rome, Washington D.C. and New York.

The RDP policy framework declared amongst others: direct self-governance, developing the common law and customary law, people’s courts, people’s banks, scrapping the divided Bar, oversight committees, full public participation, referendums, nationalization of all mines by, for and of the people.

The agreement between the people assembled as the non-political United Democratic Front and the ANC was that the handover would happen by 1999; in the meantime we got swindled a whole lot more. As a result, we still do not have a lawful government; not until the Reconstruction and Development is complete.

Furthermore, on the 11th of July 2013, Pope Francis issued a Motu Proprio thereby stripping all corporate banks, courts and governments of immunity from prosecution and which was filed two weeks later by brother-thomas in the RSA Inc. Constitutional Court.

Furthermore, unbeknownst you, commercial liens have already been filed by the Alaskan Supreme Court against the International Bar Association and all affiliated members such as COURTS OF SOUTH AFRICA.

In addition, a lien by the same was also placed against the Crown and the Vatican State for breach of contract and trust, to name but a few, as well as an insurance claim in the form of an Indemnity Bond.

Furthermore, the living Donors of the World Trusts have now placed a prohibition on all assumed and presumed trustees, administrators, principals and fiduciaries. And, the American States and Jural Assemblies are the new lawful fiduciaries. What this means is that there will be no Gesara/Nesara, SwissIndo or any other roll outs or resets intended to benefit the NWO; and, any funding, proposals, referendums and election of trustees will have to be done through the people’s courts; but, first the people who wish to participate must be emancipated; and, everyone is free to accept or reject their freedoms and benefits that come with it.

Furthermore, all public, private and corporate accounts, assets, lands, people, water, resources everything on and under and above the land, soil, air and territorial seas is hereby declared, re-venued and re-claimed into the South African Republic Express Trust at natural law jurisdiction and the SA Jural Assembly are the interim fiduciaries until interim trustees are elected by the emancipated people from the kingdoms, free republics, churches and others who are: firstly educated in people sovereignty, common law and natural law and living jurisdiction, not on the IEC voter’s roll and have done an emancipation process recognised by SA Jural Assembly.

And, the common, customary and natural laws are living laws intended to restore the Creator’s Law upon the land and the authority and sovereignty of the people over the fiction state. 

And, the people’s courts have no regard for legal fiction titles, status or “persons” but only regard living people and as equals before the living laws. Acts 10:34 Then Peter opened his mouth, and said: Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons:

Therefore, legal processes are in truth against God’s Law and therefore not lawful at common law; and, common law means the moral sentiment of the community as expressed by the rulings of the people’s courts.

Regarding SwissIndo

Your public documents are littered with reference to SwissIndo, Majapahit and Spiritual White Boy which are patently fraudulent and which has now already discredited any good work there may have been. Any attorney worth his salt can easily have your case dismissed for hearsay evidence.

Regarding Fanie Fondse

There is also no such thing as “libel” or “slander” under the common law which is merely more semantic deceit under colour of law and it relates only to legal fiction “persons” which is intended for gainsaying in courts of the unbelievers.

Jude 1:11 Woe unto them, for they have gone in the way of Kain, and ran greedily after the error of Balaam, for reward, and perished in the gainsaying of Core.

There is a big difference between slander and rebuking someone for either being foolish or devilish. Ecclesiastes 7:4 It is better to hear the rebuke of the wise, than for a man to hear the song of fools.

And, it is crystal clear that Fanie works for the African Union NOT for the South African people. Also, the former “Chief Justice” and CEO (president) of RSA Inc. also worked for the RSA Inc. Corporation and knew what was going on; on previous occasions we notified them of all the facts and asked them both to do the right thing which, they both chose to ignore.

So, the truth is that your attempts are merely to replace one faction of criminals with another faction who both enriched themselves off of we the people instead of serving us while bankrupting our Republic thereby threatening the peace and security of South Africa, knowingly or not. Ignorance of the common law is no excuse. And, at the end of the day both their handlers work for the NWO.


Einstein said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. And, this is in fact what you are doing.

The very banking, legal and government system you are attempting to use is in fact bankrupt, blocked; corrupted, criminal, liened and void.

You are in fact not serving the educated and informed people. Only we the people together have the authority and power and clean hands to undo this mess.

Only the natural law can be applied to unbind the numerous deceits and frauds that your sea jurisdiction has fomented against we the people.

The Reconstruction & Development must be put back on track and completed asap; and, it must be reviewed by the people after 17 years of experience.

No process is lawful unless it is by, for and of the people; and, unless it is open, transparent and involves everyone and anyone wishing to participate; and, the focus must only be to complete the Reconstruction & Development; the people shall govern. Anything else is merely another sell-out.

Sadly, for the herein-named reasons you have already lost the battle. We have seen many come and go and you won’t be the last. We have said what is needed and won’t bother you any further.

A word to the wise is sufficient

If, you do have any questions feel free to email us at

So said this 2nd day of October 2021;

In peace, brother-thomas, peacemaker

SA Jural Assembly

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