Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s Hyperinflation Warning

October 27, 2021  by SchiffGold 

The “transitory inflation” narrative has completely broken down. And now Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey has warned us.

“Hyperinflation is coming. It will change everything.”

Responding to comments, Jack tweeted “It will happen in the US soon, and so the world.”

Read further at:

Our comment: People of South Africa, we are already seeing massive price hikes on basic foodstuffs, import shortages and basic tools and equipment shortages, resource shortages, power outages, cellular network failures in the outlying areas. This is the clay feet of the golden idol busy crumbling… Nothing is going to save it; nothing.

And, the all out war on humanity is merely an attempt to divert our attention and also to circulate more fiat commercial paper to feed the beast some more and, failing in which, to kill off the creditors and make massive insurance claims to feed the beast; and, then what will it eat? Nothing will satisfy it’s insatiable appetite. It is already busy eating itself by the tail.

So, if you have any loot stashed anywhere then take it out bit by bit in regular sums and rather buy basic items that will be very valuable trade items after the last and final fall of Mystery Babylon: seeds, seeds, seeds; did we say seeds? Soon, there won’t be herb and veg seeds for sale; there have been shortages for a while now;

Needles, thread, carpet knife blades, saw blades, gardening tools, shade cloth, irrigation piping, solar water pumps, files, rasps, leather-making tools, spinning and weaving looms; stick to hand operated tools; even solar will break after a few years; we are all going to be Amish one of these years; go learn how they live…

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