Beware of False Prophets

As if we don’t already have our hands full with the cabal trying to take power from the ANC and recapture RSA Inc. right in front of our noses, we have false prophets parading in public and misleading the people and causing confusion.

Beware of false prophets which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. (Matt.7:15); anyone with common sense, eyes and ears can easily recognize them by their pagan and Babylonian symbols and ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.

The SA SWIISSINDO lot mean well but they lend their ears to their own false prophets; they have been misled into believing some fake Indonesian king is going to give them $ 6000 and millions are buying into it, sitting and waiting and begging like slaves for a fiction; and, they have no contracts in place, nothing; Indonesia is the capital of money bill scams from fake treasuries; it is so sad to see that some have given up their jobs, their homes and life just sitting and waiting; some have waited for 8 years now; and, they cannot see that they are in fact complicit in fraud against you the people.

And, they have even joined the Luciferians in desperation and out of ignorance. We are not saying who it is; it’s up to you to research the people you are dealing with: just look for the Luciferian Order of the Black Sun list and on facebook and see who is “No. 79”;

Isaiah 14:12 How art thou fallen from heauen, O Lucifer, sonne of the morning? how art thou cut downe to the ground, which didst weaken the nations?

Fanie Fondse is flashing documents around of which we have proved that most of his claims are patently false; the SWISSINDO lot even admitted it; he has been ordered by ICTWP to clean up his mess; and, those false documents are full of Illuminati symbols and the NWO.

The jury is still out on the ICTWP- INTERNATIONAL CONSTITUTIONAL TRIBUNAL FOR WORLD PEACE; we are investigating and will report in due course; there is seemingly good work there but, Fanie is messing it up with claims that lack actual factual proof. And, they are also being infiltrated by the Luciferians; and, we cannot sit at the same table as those that worship the father of lies;

WORLD MARTIAL AUTHORITY are full of Jesuit and Baal symbols; the 8 point star of baal; the Jesuit Seal; Latin inscriptions; UCC which is the bankrupted Law Merchant the NWO Babylonian merchants use; and, WMA has also been infiltrated by the Luciferians. They are handing out “get out of jail free” vouchers, which is in fact fraud, on you the people; somebody must open a case against this lot;

NEW WORLD ALLIANCES is New World Order and also infiltrated by the Luciferians.

South African History is littered with illuminati and freemason symbols and numerology; it is them that always sell us down the river; read Volksverraad or in English Sell Out

And, now some good meaning people want us to sit around the table negotiating with satans who want to be-devil the people? Meng jou met die semels dan vreet die varke jou op.

The battle lines are being drawn for the last time and final time in this Great Holy War between right vs wrong; good vs evil; life vs death; naturalists vs transhumanists; new earth vs mystery babylon; and, you must choose!!!

We will raise a peaceful army of the One True Creator of everything and nothing else; we will root out evil once and for all; and, lay a solid foundation for the new earth; join us or fight us; but, know this: we will win!!! The good will prevail; but, you the faithful and diligent must be willing to learn and to take action;

Matt. 7:13 Enter you in at the straight gate, for wide is the gate, and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and many there be which go in there at: 14 Because straight is the gate, and narrow is the way which leads to  life, and few there be that find it.

2 thoughts on “Beware of False Prophets

    1. It’s very distasteful but the people must check and know who they are dealing with. This is how we ended up where we are and it will happen again if we trust blindly.

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