Worst to come? Riots ‘only the first phase’ of plot to destablise SA – report

Heads up people, looks like it’s not just we the people wanting to take our country back; we have competition…

According to the latest intelligence reports filed within the ANC, the plot to destabilise the country and overthrow the government is now in full swing – and some sources claim that this operation doesn’t simply start and end with riots.

Are riots ‘only the beginning’ for South Africa?

Several unnamed representatives of the party, who spoke to the Mail & Guardian, made it clear that the riots were simply ‘phase one’ of a long term goal, which would end with Jacob Zuma leaving prison and Cyril Ramaphosa’s current administration being booted from power. One NEC insider said that the instigators had access to ‘heavy machinery’.

Read further at: https://www.thesouthafrican.com/news/riots-latest-what-is-next-phase-plan-destablise-south-africa/

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