R41 380 513 104 000 000: The mind boggling amount Tokyo Sexwale claims was stolen

“Over the years, National Treasury and the SARB have received many such requests for, or promises, of billions (and now trillions) of rands or dollars, and from experience regard these as simply scams. Any claim that such funds are meant for deserving causes such as Covid-19 relief, social grants or grants for free education are simply empty promises, to secure the interest of the potential victim,” Treasury and SARB said..

The Treasury and the Reserve Bank had previously received correspondence from Sexwale and many others alleging that billions of rands have been stolen from a fund that has been referred to as the ‘White Spiritual Boy Trust’ and which was set up by a foreign donor.

Subsequent investigations by the SARB confirmed that it had no record of the existence of the said fund and it had advised Sexwale in writing that, given the SARB’s experience and knowledge of this and other similar matters, it could only conclude that the alleged fund was a scam.


Read again: “to secure the interest of the potential victim”; when enough “interest” is “secured” then you the gullible people give the fake commercial paper value; someone will slip it through because money bill fraud is the biggest scam in town and they will claim it from your Strawman account; and, it’s fake debt money as a “loan” at 4% interest when you are in fact the creditor already owed all this; we will never be able to pay it back after blowing it on trinkets made in China; this is merely to obfuscate the gold that was stolen from we the people. There is only one way out of this mess. And, it must be done right.

4 thoughts on “R41 380 513 104 000 000: The mind boggling amount Tokyo Sexwale claims was stolen

  1. This article is more in line with Truth and the present sentiment of an order put out by the Cabal to all Governments to pirate the entire coffers of we the people as it is apparent that the ANC knows their days are numbered. The plan is to get the greed of the ANC to bankrupt themselves while the Cabal go untouched again. Fanie must come to our table to get himself out of trouble soon. He is with the Hoods and could burn many people with this NON-SENSE.

    1. Agreed Karen, he had a good thing going if only he dumped the SwissIndo, WMA, Int Con Trib for World Peace and NWA nonsense; sadly, we have seen this before: he has gone too far down this road to turn back or change course; he will stand alone discredited; apparently, Henry Mc has “jumped ship” already after being accused of being a fraudster in public; at least some people are awake but. SA is still in the very dark ages of waking up…

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