Who is the SA Jural Assembly

Everything begins and ends with the law. And, the Southern Africa Jural Assembly, hereinafter SAJurA, is a common law people’s court of conscience by, for and of the people. Our mission is to restore people’s courts and thereby put the power of lawmaking back into the hands of the people where it lawfully and rightfully belongs. To echo Thomas Jefferson, our motto is to: “Educate and inform all the people as they are the only sure reliance of our freedoms.”

And, to develop the living common law and customary law and natural law and restore the authority of we the people and superior jurisdiction of common law courts and jural assemblies, customary law courts, tribunals and tribal authorities.

We are merely ordinary people who have studied and know what law really is, what people’s rights really are and the jurisdictions of the various laws and their bounds and limitations.

We do not recognise any COURTS OF SA who in fact all work for the Temple Crown, Vatican, Washington and New York and they do not recognise us. We are like oil and water and never the two shall mix. BAR members are not permitted in our courts.

Some of us have been at this full time for ten years and have sacrificed our lives, our honour and our careers. Some of us barely scrape by on meagre donations from the few and are reliant on funding from you the people.  

The educated and informed know for a fact that RSA Inc. is a corporation and not a lawful government. In fact, we have no lawful banking system, courts or government. The truth is that we are being pirated by the very government that swore to protect us, the creditors. When, in truth the main intention of the plandemic is to kill off the creditors so they can lay claim to our deceased estates and cash in on insurance claims.

The truth is that we are all still merely modern day debt slaves under the same old imperialist system designed by the western empires of Rome, London, Washington DC and New York over the last 500 years. Today, this New World Order hides behind the corporate veil. And, with the common law and natural law we have the power to remove the shackles and to pierce that veil and to nullify any unlawful legislation.

Common law is based on the Laws of Moses and is the law of the land and our forefathers chose judges from among our wise elders. Common law deals with good ethics, morals and values; with facts and reality – real people, real rights, real property and real land; so, we do not recognise any legal fictions.

All are equal before the common law. And, all are accountable before a jury of their peers regardless of their status, title or office. The common law can operate in any jurisdiction.

Common law and customary law and natural law are the only law of the land. When we say “common law” it means the moral sentiment of a community and expressed in the ruling of a jury. Common law is a living law and changes from generation to generation and each local community will express their own peculiar common laws..

It is the opposite of Roman Dutch “Common Law” and English “Common Law” which are both law of the sea and not law of the land. The law of the land deals with reality while the law of the sea deals with fictions; therefore, the law of the land is superior to the law of the sea.

We the living people have inherent, pre-existing, natural, unalienable rights which no government can take away unless we expressly give it up ourselves. And, they must stop when we tell them to stop!!! Sovereignty and authority is vested in the people for whom the fiction called government exists and acts.  

And, people’s courts apply Principles of Restorative Justice and not punishment which is for Crown and Vatican enemies and slaves in the law of the sea..

We are fulfilling the 1955 Freedom Charter:


 No one shall be imprisoned, deported or restricted without a fair trial;

No one shall be condemned by the order of any government official;

The courts shall be representative of all the people;

 Imprisonment shall be only for serious crimes against the people, and shall aim at re-education, not vengeance;

The police force and army shall be open to all on an equal basis and shall be the helpers and protectors of the people;

All laws which discriminate on grounds of race, colour or belief shall be repealed.

We are fulfilling the 1994 Reconstruction & Development Policy Framework:


5.7.1 The system of justice should be made accessible and affordable to all people. It must be credible and legitimate. The legal processes and institutions should be reformed by simplifying the language and procedures used in the court, recognising and regulating community and customary courts, and professionalising the Attorney-General’s office. The public defence system must be promoted and the prosecution system reformed. The pool of judicial officers should be increased through the promotion of lay officials, scrapping the divided bar and giving the right of appearance to paralegals.

And, both expressly declare: THE PEOPLE SHALL GOVERN.

We are fulfilling the Bill of Rights:

Section 34. Access to courts

Everyone has the right to have any dispute that can be resolved by the application of law decided in a fair public hearing before a court or, where appropriate, another independent and impartial tribunal or forum.

Section 39. Interpretation of Bill of Rights

  1. When interpreting the Bill of Rights, a court, tribunal or forum ­
    1. must promote the values that underlie an open and democratic society based on human dignity, equality and freedom;
  2. When interpreting any legislation, and when developing the common law or customary law, every court, tribunal or forum must promote the spirit, purport and objects of the Bill of Rights.
  3. The Bill of Rights does not deny the existence of any other rights or freedoms that are recognised or conferred by common law, customary law or legislation, to the extent that they are consistent with the Bill.

SAJurA has been educating people from all walks of life: Christian coalitions, kingdoms, tribal authorities, stokvels, farmers, concerned government officials, politicians, even concerned lawyers and advocates and concerned people such as the Red-List coalition.

Only we can save ourselves, dear people. We cannot do it all for you. There are no spectators in life. So, roll up your sleeves and get on the field. We have to stop the evil before it destroys us and the earth. So, declare your courts and hold the criminals accountable. We need to organize. We need funding. We need help notifying all RSA Inc. agencies that there is a new sheriff in town – we the lawful and peaceful people; and we are taking back what is ours. Enough is enough!!!

If, you want to donate, learn and or help then please do contact us at sajuralassembly@gmail.com

In peace, brother-thomas

peacemaker – sajura

Educate and inform yourself at: https://giftoftruth.wordpress.com/

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2 thoughts on “Who is the SA Jural Assembly

    1. Greetings Angel, so true yes “Know thyself”; something that we have lost; we are truly in the dark ages of knowing ourselves; but, not for long; spread the word far and wide please.

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