Message to the new woke

From jan: Greetings, visit the following websites, read, study and digest its contents, including all the links, documents and video, it’s a lot to take in, take your time, independence doesn’t come over night, most important, have fun with it…

being bitter or angry at any government, whether suing or wanting to remove them, is exactly what the system needs and wants from you, hence all we do, is sharing some tools to peacefully remove ourselves from it :

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watch at least the first in a series of 5 by david straight, take notes while watching, like you are in the audience, share the video with all your groups :

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here is someone who doesn’t have a website, a youtube channel or any intentions to ‘save the nation’, like too many of the newcomer groups popping up since the onset of the covidian spell, grabbing your attention whilst fishing for legal loopholes inside an entirely system build on fraud…

david straight has been on the road to status correction, running small workshops for more than 3 decades, only wanting you to save yourself first, chipping away rather than bulldozing, thus probably not prone to much infiltration, threats or sabotage (yet).
back in 2014 we ran similar weekend workshops, but it was still early days for us, learning as we went along; this recent presentation by david in 2020 is probably the best, most concise and all encompassing seminar regarding all the various topics, still speaking to a crowd unaware of their status and acting in the capacity of their subject citizens aka ‘ward of state’.

if you are new to status, standing, jurisdiction, declaration, navigating your PERSON, claim and re-venue your trust, act as a creditor in commerce, cestui qu vie, decreeing your own court, endorsing orders, travelling without licence, then i strongly suggest to take a few hours off and listen to david taking you through all of it in a very comprehensible manner, he certainly has the gift of a teacher, bless him for all his work, now it’s up to everyone else to emancipate themselves from the fraudulent statutory system and separate from the state for good…

in the first minute he cuts right to it, the war between the people and the BAR associations, which answers the question or request for a lawyer, they are all serving the system, they are the BAR harlots (of babylon), even if they pretend to take on your case, pro bono or for whatever ridiculous amount of fake FIAT currency;

if you cannot (learn how to) speak for yourself, you must return to listening, without too much of my own philosophy, the world is sound and you are a sound creator… you are what you speak, it’s all you are and own, your word is the truth, once you sing your song, strike your resonance and hit that frequency, the system falls away and their agents leave you alone,

jan a people of good hope

if you’re more leaning into the biblical side of the truth, tune into kelby smith’s new channel,
since he moved the bulk off youtube, here’s a great motivational short video :

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or in the words of robert menard :

Man, so many people are so close to getting it. And yet still they seem so far away. They recognize the division is not between black and white, or straight and gay, or male and female,
or Rich and poor, or vaxed or unvaxed. And yet still they don’t quite see where the division actually lies.
And if they do they mistakenly believe they’re on one side when clearly they’re on the other. I have been saying this for going on decades now the only real division is between those who consent and those who do not. And now many are standing up and saying I do not consent to the lockdown, to the mandates, to the vaccination, to the passports.
And yet they believe that merely saying they do not consent puts them on the side of non-consent. The sad fact is it doesn’t. The truth is if you have government-issued identification, if you have a social insurance number
then you have legally consented to everything they are doing and you saying otherwise just makes you sound like a petulant and belligerent child.
Your denial of consent must take a concrete form and it will require you to abandon what you have grown to feel are benefits. If you truly want to be on the side of the non-consenters then you must take the steps.
Take photocopies or photos of your social insurance number card and your government issued ID and then take those documents,
cut them in half and send them back to the government with a notice telling them you are revoking consent and they are no longer your government.
Anything less means they are still your government. Anything less means they can still impose their will on you. Learn to distinguish between the Corporation of the City of Montreal which is a corporate entity and Montreal city which is a geographical area.
Do the same thing with your provincial territories. Learn to distinguish between the Province of Ontario and Ontario
a geographical area which is a province of Canada. One is a legal entity the other is a geographical area.
Learn to exist as a human being in the geographical area without being a person in the legal entity
and then your denial or revocation of consent actually means something. Otherwise, legally speaking,
you are just a child arguing with your parents and they will have the power and the legal right to impose their will upon you because they have evidence of your consent. The only thing I see that will save us is if enough people actually grow up and become free. Arguing for more liberties within an unfree paradigm will not suffice.

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