Notice & Order to your local RSA Municipality

Notice to agent is notice to principal.

Notice to principal is notice to agent.

Kindly Take Notice That authority is vested in we the people, the ratepayers and property owners for whom the Municipality exists and acts. And, that anything done by Municipal employees and or officials that is not according to the will of we the people is unlawful under the common law, albeit “legal” under statutory rules, and which do not apply to we the sovereign people. 

Take further notice that all Municipality accounts, assets, buildings, equipment, infrastructure, property, land, tools, vehicles and all other municipal assets are public property and belong to we the people, the ratepayers and property owners who invested in it for generations. And, municipal officials and employees are merely our hired help – public servants – paid by we the people and merely administrating our municipality and providing us with municipal services.

Instead, by deceit and fraud our municipality, along with all other public RSA departments, has been registered and “re-venued” from a public land jurisdiction trust, meant for the sole benefit of we the people, into the international sea jurisdiction as a foreign private corporate entity with the intention of profiting off of we the people for the benefit of foreign private shareholders namely the principals of the Crown, Vatican and UN et al which is contrary to its original aims and purposes.

Therefore, just like a KFC or McDonalds you neither have the capacity nor the jurisdiction to impose building plans, duties, fees, fines, levies, registrations or restrictions of any kind on we the people, other than providing the services we request and pay for. That is it. And, your bylaws, statutory rules and COURTS OF SOUTH AFRICA do not apply to we the people, they only apply to corporate legal fiction entities and the contracts between them. We the people have our own land jurisdiction common laws, arbitrators, people’s courts and jural assemblies. And, like oil and water the land and sea jurisdictions cannot mix.

You are ordered to refrain from overreaching your sea jurisdiction and imposing it on our land and soil jurisdiction or you may be held liable, in your own private capacity regardless of your office, status or title, and be summoned to appear before a local jury of your peers for causing harm or loss. The municipality belongs to us and you work for us because we pay your wages. Capiche?

Furthermore, it has come to our attention that there are syndicates working within the municipality that are engaging in mass scale paper fraud – selling ORIGINAL municipal Tax Invoices via back door “Clearinghouses” for up to ten times the total value of all the original bills issued and then double-dipping by again requesting payment this time from us and from our own private money of account, to boot.

Furthermore, bills of exchange is also known as commercial money of exchange and only an endorsement can legally contract, settle and discharge the debt created by its issuance; whereas, money of account is private money for we the people; and, payment by money of account does not discharge the debt created by money of exchange. These are two different types of money in two separate contra-distinct jurisdictions and cannot be mixed. This is yet further proof of governmental fraud. The fiduciaries know this and yet fail to apply the commercial remedies.

Maxim – For every legal right the law provides a remedy.

So, instead of the municipality focusing on providing services, its focus has become money bill vending and thereby profiting hugely off of the people with one hand while claiming poverty with the other hand.

Now, in accordance with the Bills of Exchange Acts those original bills are meant to be presented to the ratepayers and property owners who may then legally discharge these bills by endorsement; and, for the Municipality to then request and receive payment from the Secretary of the National Treasury, the Minister of Finance, to pay the Municipality from our Trade Name Accounts for services rendered to us.

Instead, we are receiving Tax Invoice Copies and not the Original Tax Invoices; and, in some cases even the Tax Copies are being sold via the back door clearinghouses and all we receive at the end of the day is merely a Statement instead of a proper presentment of the original bill.

So, someone is getting paid from our Trade Name Accounts held in the National Revenue Fund and then we are also being double-billed by the municipality to pay again from our own private accounts. This is commercial fraud on a mass scale and every single governmental services provider and court is engaged in this money bill fraud.

Whoever is printing the original Tax Invoices is most likely involved in the clearinghouse syndicate. Just follow the money of exchange: Where and by whom are they being printed? Where are they being sent? To SARB? To the National Treasury? As what? Equities or securities? Who is receiving them? Who is getting paid in the process? Their tax history will provide the answers.

So, either you sort it out now and report back or we will send in a ratepayer’s oversight committee with fraud examiners to investigate this mass scale paper fraud. And, you may be held liable before a jural assembly. The people shall govern.  

Therefore, we have the legal and lawful right to withhold all payments until this billing fraud is investigated and remedied otherwise, we will come and do it for you.

Furthermore, you are hereby ordered to immediately cease and desist in any and all legal action, claims, debt collecting, foreclosures and fines from here on forth or you may be summoned to appear before a common law jury of your peers for causing harm or loss, too.

You are hereby ordered not to trespass with force and fraud onto any people’s private property or land; nor, attempt to enter their properties so as to impose contracts; nor, force vaccinations on them without their prior and informed consent and invitation to do so. In other words, we have the right of privacy so leave us alone 

And, failing in which, you then give us the right to fire you for breach of duty, office, oath and trust, for deceit, fraud, graft, gross misconduct, inland piracy, money laundering, negligence, personation, privateering, pressganging, profiteering, theft, trespass with force and fraud and the like; and, to replace you and reclaim our municipal assets and to provide public municipal services ourselves.

The people shall govern. Govern yourselves accordingly. By Order.

Take Final Notice That you have 30 days to answer and respond to this Notice, point for point, with an outlined proposal of how you will be dealing with and remedying all matters herein addressed.  

Refer to the attached Notice of Understanding and Claim of Right & Intent in support of this Notice & Order.

Notified and ordered and recorded this this ……..… Day of ………………………….

2021 at ……………………………………………………………………………… (Place)

Issued at common law land jurisdiction on the Land Southern Africa, South African Republic.

By: ……………………….………………………………………………


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