Red Alert for All British and Commonwealth Operatives

 By Anna Von Reitz

When the Queen leaves the Throne and her Christian duty to assume the Chairmanship of the Chair of the Estates instead, and thereby leaves the land of the United Kingdom vacated, her loyal Lord High Steward is in command during her absence.

We have demonstrated that this is exactly the situation in Britain.

The Queen abdicated her Coronation Oath within three days of taking it, and left the throne and the land jurisdiction of Great Britain vacated. This is not an idle supposition. It has been proven conclusively in court.

So, when recently asked who is in charge during the Queen’s absence, we did a bit of research and have concluded that Lord Shrewsbury is the hereditary Lord High Steward, even though he now lives in Australia.

In this situation, a man living in Australia is now in charge of the British Homelands and is responsible for the government’s operations on the land jurisdiction worldwide.

Here is what he has to say as of 9th August 2021:


Twitter link Judicial Orders:

“Covid-19: ANY PERSON/POLITICAL PARTY/ORGANIZATION who are GUIDED/SUPPORT the United Nations Liberal Rules- Based International Global Order are GUILTY of TREASON because it is a FOREIGN POWER. ALL RULES, TESTING, TRACING, VACCINES etc. are VOID.

By ORDER of the Lord High Steward.”

Thank you for your attention in this matter.

Ivan Talbot

Hereditary Lord High Steward of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth


So, all those members of Parliament who have gone along with this Mandate Madness are placed on Notice that they are in a condition of insubordination and rebellion against the Monarchy and against the Constitution and must Cease and Desist —and this is direct from the one man who is left in charge of the realm and the commonwealth in the Queen’s absence from the throne.

Indeed, please take note. This brief ORDER of the Lord High Steward is lawfully and legally the Law of Great Britain and the Commonwealth at this moment. Any British Subject who continues to support the imposition of United Nations agendas is committing treason.

This ORDER also addresses organizations as well as individuals. These organizations include SERCO, the Pirbright Institute, BBC, and others that have participated in and expedited the current medical mayhem.

Source: 3272. Red Alert for All British and Commonwealth Operatives

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