South African Republic Explained

The corporate services providers namely, the 1994 REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA & SOUTH AFRICA INC. are both derived from the organic un-incorporated 1961 South Africa(n) Republic Trust and all its assets collectively belong to we the south african people. As elders we are donors, as adults we are trustees and as children we are beneficiaries.

The 1961 RSA Trust is in turn derived from the 1910 South African Union Trust to which the secondary claimant, the British Crown, laid claim because our ancestors, the actual priority claimants, were asleep.

The fact that the Admiralty ships (COURTS OF SA) are still on our land is clear proof that we are still under Crown administration. The fact that the Chief Justice of the “CON”-court has letters patent from her majesty and is the highest ranking officer of the high seas RSA ship tells you what kind of sea creature the “CON”-stitution is…    

Luckily for us there is no statute of limitations on fraud. And, it is a principle of law that: Capture by pirates and robbers does not change title.

In fact, there is no lawful Crown Title Deed over Southern Africa… So, we have to reclaim the assets purloined from the un-incorporated 1910 South African Union Trust and all the colonies, kingdoms and republics thereof; and, we must reclaim the 1961 South African Republic Trust and all its assets captured by pirates; and, we must reclaim the assets of the 1994 RSA Inc. corporate services provider. And, we must discharge all fake debts levied under the debt-based Ponzi scheme called the Federal Reserve System, take control of SARB, end the Fed and begin a new basket of lawful asset backed money. And, also place commercial liens on the pirates.

So, the un-incorporated South African Republic is waiting for us to reclaim it and to populate the land jurisdiction. Many have already done the emancipation process. The SA Jural Assembly is busy doing the necessary paperwork for the people. In the same manner that a thing is bound it is unbound.

All South Africa flags are corporate so, we the people need to embark on a campaign for a flag for the South African Republic. Any volunteers?

In a republican form of government every community, kingdom, province or state is a foreign and independent state in regards to each other. And, each one has their own peculiar common or customary law. So, when you are in their state you abide by their rules. However, we will all share equally in the nation’s wealth.

And, each state will nominate a statesman to represent them in a national assembly. The first free and independent kingdoms republics are underway. The hardest part is for the caged people, once released, to realize they are free. We have been slaves shackled to the law merchant ships at sea for so long that we have forgotten the customs of our ancestors on the land.

So, remove yourself from the IEC voter’s roll, emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds…    

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