RSA Private Property Notice

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Foreign State Private Property Notice

notice to agent is notice to principal. notice to principal is notice to agent.

  1. Kindly take notice that this is the private property of an un-incorporated de jure foreign state in relation to the de facto corporate REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA, agencies and laws.
  2. That this land is allodial and common law of the place applies.
  3. That the people living on this land are sovereigns with natural unalienable rights and have no accountability to any legal fiction state or entity except before a jury of their peers.
  4. That no legalese or legal fictions will be entertained, ever.
  5. That no foreign jurisdictions will be entered into, ever.
  6. That no foreign contracts will be entertained without first an application and then the prior written consent of the trustees.
  7. That all offers to contract must be made by phone to: insert phone number or in writing and emailed to: insert email address under private liability and under penalty of perjury.
  8. That entering the land without prior written consent may be regarded as an unlawful invasion under international law of nations and may be repelled with equal force, if necessary.
  9. That this is neutral territory – free ships make free goods.
  10. Take final notice that a violation of this notice may also perpetuate a lien under private and commercial liability.

Govern yourself accordingly. By order.

By: ……………………..……………………. (autograph and seal)

Then complete the A4 Notice; print it; laminate or corex it; attached it to your front gate.

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