2 thoughts on “Emancipation from RSA INC

  1. Good day patriots, trust you are well. I have come across your website a couple of months ago and it seem to pop into my browser all the time as I do alot of research on emancipation, common law, etc. We are putting information together and I wanted to ask you if we could please use some of the information on your website to educate and inform people as there is amazing info on the topics that I am researching. I just missed your information zoom of a few nights ago – do you maybe have a recording of it? Also, can I please have your contact details? We would like to invite you to our channel to talk about and confirm information discussed. Together we can make an impact!

    Would really appreciate it!

    Have a brilliant day!

    1. Hi Leila, apologies wordpress is not notifying me of messages; yes, feel free to use whatever information; we are updating the Express Trusts and Bills of Exchange pages shortly so keep checking for updated info.

      To do talks contact brother-thomas at sajuralassembly@gmail.com

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