It’s official: Woman who refused to accept foreclosure is keeping her house

Livinglies's Weblog

By Erica Bryant

Elizabeth McGriff got her house back.

She always believed in her right to 618 Cedarwood Terrace, which was lost in a foreclosure many called unjust. Now — after years of bank negotiations, eviction blockades, public rallies, acts of civil disobedience, prayer services, lockouts and a sustained “live-in” —  she has the deed.

And Take Back the Land, an organization that says housing should be a human right, has added another victory to its tally sheet.

“We have never lost a house,” said Ryan Acuff, of Take Back the Land. “Anybody who has followed our model of nonviolent action has always won.”

McGriff can’t talk about the deal she made with MidFirst Bank because of a nondisclosure agreement. Property records show she bought the three-bedroom house for a final $15,000 on Jan. 31. That’s much less than the $129,720.45…

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