Meet The Real Untouchables

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All Wars Are Bankers' Wars

“The Bank, its property and assets and all deposits and other funds entrusted to it shall be immune in time of peace and in time of war from any measure such as expropriation, requisition, seizure, confiscation, prohibition or restriction of gold or currency export or import, and any other measure.” -Article 10, Instrument of Foundation, Bank for International Settlements (BIS)

Beware bankers what now(I wish I had a shorter version of a recent Catherine A. Fitts presentation but I don’t so endure Alex Jones for a important message about the current U.S. distraction and the real untouchables) ~Ron

Title: Catherine Austin Fitts: 21 Trillion Missing From Pentagon / DOD Announces Audit Under Trump
Posted 13 Dec 2017 by The Alex Jones Channel


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