“Build a New Social and Economic System with Human Rights and Justice at its Core”. Jeremy Corbyn

Counter Information

Global Research, December 21, 2017
Labour Press 8 December 2017

British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn speaking in Geneva in honor of International Human Rights Day cited the need to:

“Build a new social and economic system with human rights and justice at its core. Deliver climate justice and a better way to live together on this planet. Recognise the humanity of refugees and offer them a place of safety. Work for peace, security and understanding. The survival of our common humanity requires nothing less.”


Thank you Paul for that introduction. And let me give a special thanks to the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development. Your work gives an important platform to marginalised voices for social justice to challenge policy makers and campaign for change.

I welcome pressure both on my party, the British Labour Party, and on my leadership to put social justice…

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