Non-violent civil resistance: 13 films, from Gandhi to Barcelona

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The first day of October (2017): Catalans attacked by the Spanish armed forces during the referendum day in 1‑10‑2017.

A Force More Powerful (1999): Gandhi and the Indian independence, Anti‑Apartheid Movement in South Africa, Civil Rights in the United States, resistance to Nazi occupation in Denmark, Solidarność in Poland, protest movement against Pinochet in Chile.

How to Start a Revolution (2011): exposition of the ideas of Gene Sharp, the main theorist of the non‑violent resistance.

Bringing Down a Dictator (2002): overthrow of Slobodan Milošević in Serbia.

Tahrir 2011 (2011): revolution in Cairo against Mubarak’s regime.

Maidan (2014): revolt in Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square), Kiev, Ukraine.

Everyday Rebellion (2013): Occupy Wall Street, Spain’s 15-M movement, Arab Spring, the democracy movement in Iran, FEMEN, opponents in Serbia and Turkey.

The People Speak (2009): popular movements in the United States.

5 documentaries about the civil disobedience in the United States.

Catalunya is…

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