South Africa: How A Nation Was Misled

Counter Information

 “South Africa: how a nation was misled and became a model for the world, and how the people can rise again.”

Video Documentary By John Pilger

John Pilger delivering a talk on the current political situation in South Africa in Cape Town.

Posted November 27, 2017

Apartheid Did Not Die

Video Documentary By John Pilger

  1. An analysis of South Africa’s new, democratic regime.


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2 thoughts on “South Africa: How A Nation Was Misled

  1. I have followed Pilger’s writings on South Africa for a number of years now. He was the first to make public the secret meetings Mandela had with western leaders while he was living in the warden’s house prior to his release (his agreement to repay the IMF loan, etc).

    On a separate note I was on a Skype call last night with a South African fellow who works with Firstsource Money South Africa (and the International Movement for Monetary Reform). Do you have any involvement with Firstsource Money?

    1. Yes Stu, we the 99% were sold down the river by the corrupt and greedy 1% in favour of the less than 0, 1% global elite; white, black, brown, pink;Mandela was outnumbered, but he left us enough clues to fulfill the New SA;

      Interesting, never heard of them; will ask our network; am keen to meet; please send us an introduction to; gratitude; brother-thomas;

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