Globalization: Regulations and New Policies Destroying Small and Local Businesses

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Bluntly speaking the mega-corps are on a path to own it all – Own The World.

Since the 2008 financial crisis many have documented the disappearing community banks in America, and hopefully this is no longer a surprise to the reader.
This banking consolidation of power should alarm anyone interested in rebuilding local economies and redirecting capital flows away from the military industrial complex and Wall Street, and toward more productive efforts supporting families and lifting people out of poverty.

…”the reality that more than one in five U.S. banks have disappeared—1,708, or more than one every business day—since Dodd-Frank was enacted. Meanwhile, virtually no new banks have been formed, a historically unprecedented lack of investment and startup activity for the industry.” – By ROB NICHOLS 09/06/2016

We observe policies and regulations impacting small banks and local businesses.
Indeed, as the central banks’ market speculators lift stocks to…

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