#BenFerencz, Prosecutor at the #Nuremberg Nazi Trials speaks against the evil of #war!

| truthaholics

Looking back, what does the last surviving prosecutor at the Nazi Nuremberg trials think they achieved? 98-year-old Ben Ferencz helped liberate the death camps in Europe when he was serving in the US military. Himself a Jew from central Europe, he speaks to Zeinab Badawi in Florida about what he has learnt in his long life about the nature of evil.

“I learned that war makes murderers, mass murderers out of otherwise decent people.

And it applies to all wars, and all nationalities, and I’ve seen it in all the wars.  These are not wild animals all out for blood.

These are patriots who are trying to do their duty to protect their religion, or their nationality, or their economic security.  These are the three major causes.

We have not learned that you cannot kill…

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