Over one billion ‘invisible’ people on Earth live with no identity proof – study

© CC0 / Pixabay
A recent global study by the powerful World Bank has revealed statistics showing that more than 1.1 billion people on earth have no proof of identity, an indication that some 15 percent of the global population is being denied health and education services.
“Digital birth registration systems not only provide children with a legal identity but also provides governments with a continuous source of information through the collection of data,” Lois said.

“A clear data picture of developing nation populations is crucial for the United Nations, as well as other human rights entities, to allocate resources and aid around the globe.”

What they are really saying is that over 1 billion people are not yet “marked”; cattle, chattel, bond slaves or property of the new world order; and, must be chipped immediately; 
The BEAST and the cabal are drooling over just how much more human capital is out there, roaming free; and, they want to corral ALL by 2025? he he; not even chemtrail nanotech smart dust or quantum will do the trick;   
And, while jural activists are educating people on how to re-claim their names, we have gone and abandoned ours; yes, in places like Africa, one can live without bank accounts and identity documents; as long as one is prepared to live outside of the cities; and, travel by taxi; and, there is always an opportunity;
One can buy pre-registered phone cards and use basic phones; and, their are many regions of earth they cannot scan; for example, we now have a magnetic anomoly over Southern Africa, so we see no more satellites at night; 
The new world order just do not have the resources to herd us all; their focus is to blanket the cities with mind control and rather lure the rurals there;  
So, if you wish to escape Dodge then do it now; because soon you might not have the will power to; and, see it as an adventure; on the road less traveled one finds interesting gifts along the way;
whatever you decide, be blessed;

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