4 thoughts on “Principles Of Law For The New Earth

  1. My name is Yahshuah; I am The Son of God Almighty. I represent My Father’s Law, and I am here to restore it. My Bride and I are currently sued by SA government in the Equality Court with the trial date set to 21-24th November 2017. We did nothing wrong and only followed Divine Law, as God commands Us; We asked Brother Thomas to be Our expert witness as We are registered with UZA. He however has not once responded to any of Our emails and the sheriff’s office is pathetic with delivering his subpoena which was received by them on 22/9/2017.

    Is there any other UZA representative who can freely give their assistance to Us in this matter?

    All the information is on Our blog wheretofromhere.org.
    Contact: author@wtfh.org or 082 444 5841

    1. Enki, UZA is an un-incorporated jural assembly laying the foundation for others to use; next, we do not “register” anything, we record; next, we are not “lawyers”, the reason why we the people are in this mess is because we are too lazy to study what law is and what our rights are; those who do not know their rights have none; next, we are not “expert witnesses”, we do not know you from Adam; we will be bearing false witness, if we do ; so, we educate others to help themselves;

      The awakened South Africans would rather sit on facebook than lift a finger to help assemble their juries;

      Instead, they throw stones as you are; has bt not given years of his life for this free information? Has he not done his best? Yet, you blame him;

      Next, our policy is “freely give and freely you will receive”; bt has given you many tools with which to educate and defend yourself; such as with these principles; he has spent 1 000s of hours on this labour of love;

      Then ask yourself, what have you freely given?

      Do not get us wrong, we have deep empathy for your situation, but we cannot help any one-on-one cases;

      And, there is NO remedy unless the people unite; and, develop their jural assemblies then militias to protect the people from an evil system; but, that is not happening;

      Even Judge Anna will tell you the same; the best you can do is go to to https://giftoftruth.wordpress.com/emancipation/ download and complete the docs; they have been adapted from Judge Anna for SA;

      If, you have any questions feel free to email commonlawsa@gmail.com

      Good Luck;

      1. To whom it may concern.

        Sure, Our ignorance wrt the comprehension of your exact status is obvious; We have not yet studied and remembered the etymology of all the words. Yes, we have not been able to speak along the same lines but We know the reason. No, We are not looking for a lawyer, we will do that work ourselves. We want some confirmation of Truth, and that is all we are looking for. We are fighting the UN and the RCC and this case is not for Us only; it is for the greater good on behalf of God YAHWEH.

        As for all your hard work, the road to heaven is a narrow and rocky way, and there are many deviations; it is easy to lose focus, and We see you have wondered a bit. So to bring you back on track firstly remember that for any of Us to have gotten this far has been hard and took lots of dedication. We see your fine work and We stand by it because We trust it, but you do not see Ours, perhaps taking a look will enlighten you as to how big this case really is. Already there have been big changes in Our favour since We started with the proceedings. Also, We have admission of guilt from the Dep. of tourism according to Our “request for admissions”.

        We would like to send you a list of statements that will resemble the line of questioning you will face should you come to court. As media are following this case, your work might be brought to attention of many more confused beings, and that is the ultimate goal: as you said, the whole must be united and demand certain things. They first must know the truth. We consider you a witness with very important information which must be revealed. If you care, then you will accept, as you in no way will be there to support Us but to state the fact that you know.

        Now it is the time to show your faith by your works, and We give you the opportunity to come to public eye and to inform more people and creatures about the truth you know. Only by testifying the truth Satan can and will be defeated.

        We have attached some quotes from The Bible that should give you some insight as to what and why I am here, and who the Two of Us are. BT, at the end of the day you must realise that The Bible came from the Romans so it is very tainted, as is religion. We have truly given the world the gift of all truth, and at the end of the day, it is all about truth and there is only one version of that, God’s version. That in itself has to unite those who seek it as a treasure. Only those of God however will follow His voice.

        “No enactment of man can be considered law unless it conforms to the law of God.” – William Blackstone

        It is not about luck it is God’s plan.

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