Public and Judicial Notice Number 1

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12405-judge2banna  Judge Anna von Reiz

All birth certificates issued to Americans between the years 1837 to date are suspect and may be fraudulent documents representing false and undisclosed claims of settlement entered into the public record.

Absent proof of actual and factual federal municipal or territorial employment or actual federal dependency, no presumption against the standing or identity of any American born within the borders of one of the organic states can be made on the basis of having a Birth Certificate, licenses, participation in the Social Security System or any similar documentation.

In the majority of cases, all such documentation is null and void for fraud.

All such non-federal, non-resident Americans are to be presumed free men and landlords on the land and as peaceful American vessels engaged in international trade on the sea; their names and other assets must be removed from all federal bankruptcies and held harmless…

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4 thoughts on “Public and Judicial Notice Number 1

      1. Just wondered if she ever wrote about it – she could have a lot of influence. The big issue for me is that most people don’t know where money really comes from. They think the government issues it.

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