FOI request to the Bank of England

Australia for Mathematically Perfected Economy™

This is the Freedom Of Information request we put to the Bank of England back in 2011 at asking 4 simple questions

1) What lawful consideration do you claim the BoE gives up when it creates money ?
2) How then does the bank (or does the bank) claim there is a debt to the bank ?
3) What is the claim to interest then, when the bank can do no more than absorb the costs of merely publishing evidence of our promissory obligations *to each other* ?
4) How is it possible even to maintain a vital circulation without accumulating inevitably terminal sums of debt ?

Note: The end result was of course as usual “EVASION”.

You can put these questions to any bank, even peripheral banks . Try it & you will basically get the same response . They will evade answering these questions particularly the…

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