Economies Are Flooded In Waves of Crises

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Once-popular stores are closing their doors with increasing frequency. (Photo/iStock)

Imagine if I was to go country by country and post the tax & fees hikes, cost of living hikes, the depreciating wages, the volatile currency valuations, the failing pension funds, the austerity policies, the mountain of debt, the increasing unemployment, the threatening homelessness, the rising costs of healthcare, and the downgraded credit rating in recent years.
Indeed, that information would be voluminous!

That amount of detailed information is beyond the scope of this discussion.
Thus, below are only snapshots of troubling economic signs and in no particular order.
The point is, you can detect the trend, and you have a need to know the truth.
You have choices, you can take your money out of the banks, you can transform national currency into land and other tangible assets. ~Ron

2017 Store closings announced

With some retailers, including Sports Authority (450 stores)…

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