Templar Treaties

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12405-judge2banna  Judge Anna von Reitz

The Templars have had a “perpetual” treaty of “peace” and “friendship” and “amity” with us since 1794. Let’s see…..that’s 223 years. Are we being unreasonable in our expectation that everyone in your organization should know about this? And act accordingly?

We have a copy. The Holy See has a copy. Her Royal Majesty has a copy. The Doge of Venice has a copy. The Grimaldi Family has a copy. The Prince of Monaco has a copy. The Liechtensteiners have a copy….. the list goes on.

Yet, despite this, members of the Temple have been rampaging around attacking us and pretending that we are someone — or to be more exact — some “thing” other than ourselves, and they have been using this preposterous presumption as an excuse to attack Treaty Partners to whom they owe perpetual amity and peace.

Go figure.

Now, some parties who…

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