Trump and Africa

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The contours of Trump’s Africa policy are emerging, although key appointments, such as the assistant secretary of state for African affairs, have yet to be made.

On February 13, President Trump had telephone conversations with President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria and President Jacob Zuma of South Africa—his first with leaders from sub-Saharan Africa. The calls, which appear to have gone well, emphasized Trump’s two core foreign policy priorities: security and commerce.

According to Nigerian officials, Trump commended the Nigerian government’s progress against Boko Haram, invited Buhari to Washington, and expressed U.S. readiness “to cut a new deal” for arms in the battle against terrorism. The conversation with Zuma reaffirmed “already strong bilateral relations” and noted that there are 600 U.S. companies in South Africa.

At the same time, the Trump administration’s controversial “travel ban” against seven Muslim-majority countries is sending mixed signals about U.S. intentions. The ban includes Somalia—where…

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One thought on “Trump and Africa

  1. What a load of rubbish! There is no advantage to any African state whatsoever.
    Firstly, it costs any African state ten times as much, at least with our rate of exchange, to do business with America.
    secondly, offering tax breaks to American firms does nothing to help the African countries, but it does fuel corporate greed. If they ensured that the tax break resulted in an equal amount being discounted to the buyer country, then it would be a help to the African country buying their imports and services.
    thirdly, when America mentions anything to do with human rights, or terrorism, security and stability, it’s time to start running, and very hard indeed!
    Anyone that doesn’t agree with their agenda and tries to collectively resist their plans will be labeled a security risk and a terrorist.
    The entire article, in less mealy -mouthed words, just means that America wants to gdt an equal slice of the pie that the Chinese are getting. It has nothing to do with helping others, and everything to do with creating loans and instruments of enslavement, while dropping a few inclusive catch phrases. Connecting ‘female leaders ‘, like, What for??? I’d think it’d be more important to connect competent leaders, regardless of gender.

    That’s just to mention a few obvious flaws in this article.
    It’s all just useless rhetoric and platitudes, blatantly spewed out like a spoilt child trying to manipulate another child into handing over it’s toys.

    Obviously Trump is following the agenda set out by those in control, regardless of his words and posturing. He’s not here to save us, we’re not even close to his list of priorities, so look elsewhere for your saviour….

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