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Jackasses in uniform and/or black robes are all foreign agents under U.N./I.M.F. organization, operating in commerce, under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), and trained to engage you in contract, by force if necessary, for their agenda to collect a DEBT from you, should you be stupid enough to use FEDERAL RESERVE elastic currency, benefits such as a SSN, and of course, the most stupid of all, U.S. citizen status.

Fact; the U.S. is a foreign, private, bankrupt, Crown Corporation on D.C., not to be confused with a Republic called New Hampshire, or Massachusetts, or Maine, so how stupid would one have to be to claim such citizenship status? If you need to be reminded over and over, you’re a bit slow.

Learn how to be better at contracting than they are so they will pay heavily for harming you as they harm the uninformed who claim U.S. citizen/DEBTOR/enemy of…

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