NASA Can’t Hide, Your Lies Will Follow You

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NASA is a government fraud
AstroNot Don Pettit said “We Can’t Go Back To The Moon, That Technology Was Destroyed.”

Don Pettit is not a very convincing liar, is he?

Title: NASA Astronaut Don Pettit “We Can’t Go Back To The Moon, That Technology Was Destroyed”
Video posted 04 May 2017 by Russianvids

NASA Busted – See a investigation into the moon landing hoax!
Apollo 11 was a fraud

NASA (a criminal org.) has sound studios, blue and green screen chroma keying visual effects video technology, simulations, CGI, and so many more billions of dollars to fake all space missions.
Look closely and notice how NASA promote their missions like a Hollywood Movie!

Is it science or science fiction?

expedition 21 Astronots play stars in NASA mission movie
Hollywood Sci-Fi style!
Expedition 25 Mission Poster
And more Sci-Fi style
Expedition 44 crew poster
And more Sci-Fi style
Official NASA poster for International Space Station Expedition 45 was revealed in Feb 2015
And more Sci-Fi style
Another Faked ISS Clip From U.S. Government Agency NASA
And there are many more Sci-Fi style posters from NASA.

Do you remember the Apollo Moon…

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