Southern Africa in Crisis

Southern Africa’s prophesied post-1994 Southern African Uprisings have begun:

Here is one of the updates we have been receiving:

Update and feedback on Western Cape Crisis Leaders meeting:


BRANDEIS - when a government becomes


Republic of Good Hope members have created a map of gang incidents, protests and and farm murders/attacks;

Find a map for the past week here:


Follow:            @CivilWarSA.

Hashtag:         #ProtestMapSA


Stay calm and be prepared; talks are underway to peacefully and lawfully unite the people so as to restore the Republic and self-determination for each self-identifying community;

Stay updated at



South Africa’s housing protest enters fourth day, clashes continue

Protesters Disrupt Platinum Producer Lonmin’s Operations in South Africa

Editorial: Protests show that nothing has changed

Shops Looted, Roads Barricaded as South African Protests Spread

Is South Africa heading for civil war?

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