A Canadian Leveraged Buy Out of the US Corp? Hahahahahahah!

Only a full contract , closure and settlement by jubilee is acceptable in this bankruptcy for profit federal corporate fractional currency and money bill Ponzi scheme; and, a fresh clean slate start; in peace

Maine Republic Email Alert

By Judge Anna Von Reitz

Today I was given a copy of a Ben Fulford story (see above) in which he floats the idea of a Canadian “Leveraged Buy Out” of the old US Corp.

An “offer” brought to you by the same people who arranged to have you pay off their mortgages under conditions of violent fraud.
I “counter-offer” that the Priority Creditors are here with their fully restored international standing, including their agricultural liens, and we are fully funded, too, so why not toddle on down the road and give someone else a good laugh?
We understand the fraud, boys.  The jig is up.
A full list of “items” will be forthcoming to the Prime Minister.   It won’t include a Leveraged Buy Out by Canadians.

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