The People of North Korea: “They Don’t Want War. They Want Peace”.

Counter Information

Global Research, May 09, 2017
The 4th Media 29 April 2017

I’m interested for the sake of the North Korean people. How is the political situation there?

Is it as bleak as described by the western media? Personally, I do not believe that Trump will be foolish enough to attack North Korea. Not with nuclear weapons anyway. That would be a high risk of an immediate strike back, not necessarily from North Korea.  But from her powerful allies.

But the stress and fear the people in North Korea must be going through is just inhuman.  How do you assess the situation.

Peter Koenig

Response by 4th Media Editor Professor Kiyul Chung

The global media outlets around the world are full of ‘fake news’. This is particularly true about the DPRK, namely  North Korea.

The possibility of nuclear war on the Korean peninsula –which could potentially ignite the first global…

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