Clarity: System of Governance Of, By, and For The Banks

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Janet Yellen (and all the Central Banks) deceives the citizens, propaganda influences public opinion, markets are manipulated by banks, and the message is feed confidence and encourage spending to keep the economy growing banksters in business!

Current Events Reveals Systemic Failures:

The governor in Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rossello, officially announced Title III (bankruptcy) was filed.
This municipal bankruptcy is the Largest in U.S. history!

This was forecasted, even though it could have been avoided.
Ricardo will reveal his loyalty either as obligations to the banks or to the citizens – are you in doubt about that?
This is likely to get ugly as People living in Puerto Rico discover tax hikes and how many physical assets the banks intend to repossess (like public utilities, infrastructure, properties and lands)…

The day of the general strike started with a bang: The Colectiva Feminista en Construcción feminist group woke Gov. Ricardo Rosselló just…

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