A.I.M 4 TRUTH: Abundant & Clean Energy!

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Amplify awareness and share knowledge
Below is the discussion worthy to be shared worldwide!
Consider energy independence and a self sustaining life.
Finding what works, and how to make what works work even better for our unique needs is our exciting adventure.
Sharing and embracing the paradigm of Abundance and prosperity (as opposed to this current meme of scarcity and domination) is our worthy pursuit.
American Intelligence Media Citizen journalists AIM for TRUTH has compiled a resource for alternative energy to power our imagination and communities for generations to come.
Thank you AIM 4 Truth organizers for your efforts to free mankind. ~Ron

 American Intelligence Media Citizen journalists AIM for TRUTH Source: https://aim4truth.org/2017/04/24/the-real-energy-revolution-has-begun/ April 24, 2017 12:06 pm

At first, this article might make you mad as hell.

Then some of you might feel stupid, betrayed, gullible, used, sorrowful.

The Anonymous Patriots ask that you face the LIES you have been told your entire life about energy, wars, banking, and life…

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One thought on “A.I.M 4 TRUTH: Abundant & Clean Energy!

  1. Mass Surveillance is the opposite of what we would expect, which implies the populous are the enemy rather than a minority of dangerous criminals.
    I often feel that the “silent war” against humanity (Goyim and peasants) has escalated into a race to the finish-line.

    With demonic/Luciferian worshiping in the open by ruling class and officials; with geoengineering changing the climate; with fetuses added to foods and cosmetics; with CERN (there are more than two LHCs that we know of) potentially opening a portal to the unknown, and with the plethora of genetic altering programs affecting life (GMOs, cloning, genetic research, bioengineering, biohacking, transhumanism, etc.)…

    The idea that the ruling class is preparing the earth environment for subterranean entities (civilization) or entities from other realms to surface and live among us may not be too far fetched.

    Title: SATANIC Monument to be built in Belle Plain Minnesota
    Video posted 07 May 2017 by RichieFromBoston

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