Re-Flag Your Vessel [Name/NAME]- Anna von Reitz – Call To Action


To drain the swamp requires knowledge, cooperation, and wise action

From Doreen
As a Constitutional Scholar, Anna von Reitz pulls back the veil for people to see the corruption, fraud, and their enslavement by church and state. Anna and others reach for their power by taking action however we need a critical mass of people to reach for their own power and ‘do’ something to save themselves,before the swamp transforms into quicksand.

The dark forces succeedbecause they willingly put aside their differences. 2 examples:

[1] In ‘Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick’ that I will post separately, it states:

WWII era: Rich people from the most diverse countries bonded together because they all shared a common goal. The kings, queens, international bankers, industrialists, wanted to make certain that communism could never succeed. They were determined not to end up like the Russian Royal family [murdered], and they were…

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