Kung Fu the Rats

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12405-judge2banna  Anna von Reitz

One of the most pervasive and least helpful responses I get is —- how do we stop them?

It isn’t a question of stopping them. It’s a question of starting us.

We have to get our own lawful government completely operational and in short order.

That requires us to declare our own birthright political status and to call together our local jural assemblies in our counties and our states.

It’s our own lack of action that is the fundamental thing standing in our way.

So get on your hind legs, declare your birthright political status, and then call your local county jural assembly to begin meeting and taking control of the land jurisdiction you are heir to.

Every American is born as a birthright member of the local county and state jural assembly and also a member of the state militia.

You have been misidentified and…

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