A Very Important Announcement– The Nature of the Battle

Maine Republic Email Alert

4f522-judge2banna  Judge Anna von Reitz

This morning it comes across my desk that the foreign organization calling itself “General Post Office” is assembling an “army” to invade the Continental United States.

Let me point out that no such foreign entity has any right to be on our soil —and that includes the forces of the UN Corp and NATO and the US ARMY.

We are not allowing any additional illegal commercial mercenary actions to take place on our soil and we don’t care who is trying to do it or under whatever name or NAMES they are seeking to accomplish these venal ends. You can call yourselves God, Mother, and Apple Pie, for all I care and the answer is still the same. You have no right to be here causing trouble on our soil.

Just because they got away with it during the so-called Civil War and succeeded in…

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