Another Declaration of Independence — Everyone Take Note, Share, Go Viral!

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12405-judge2banna  Judge Anna von Reitz

Yesterday a Reader sent me a link to an important historical find— another parchment copy of The Declaration of Independence has turned up — in England, Chichester in Sussex, to be exact.

Why is this important?

Because up until now there has been exactly one such original in existence, and that one has been crumbling to dust in the National Archives without corroboration except for 26 printed copies prepared for members of Congress at the time. Read that— this is an “original copy”— handwritten in wet-ink and signed with wet-ink signatures by the Founders.

It is in a whole different league of rare documents and is a true Primary Source document.

The discovery has also thrown light on a long-forgotten debate— whether the authority for the Declaration derived from the people acting as a unitary nation in support of the Declaration or from the federation…

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