No “Great Mystery of Judicial Tyranny” Either

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12405-judge2banna  Judge Anna von Reitz

There is no “great mystery of judicial tyranny”. There is only a great deal of fustian ignorance and assumption abounding.

The Constitution exists to set up the Federal Government and the Federal Government is responsible for nineteen delegated “powers” — duties to perform services in common for the subscribing states of the union—- all of which, with the limited exception of the Interstate Commerce Clause— take place in the international jurisdiction of the sea.

As a result the only courts created under The Constitution are Admiralty, Maritime, and Administrative Courts related to the Federal Government and its duties.

Those courts were never meant to say a single word to us, the actual people. They were pressed into service when the United States of America, Inc. was fraudulently bankrupted in 1933. Suddenly, there was no funding for our long-established Common Law Courts.

So the rats…

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