Another attempted Freemason and Satanic Coup d’état on South Africa

We have been pleasantly surprised by the change in energy over this Easter period; as some of you may or may not know – this 40 day period starting from around the Ides of March is when the occult spiritualists cast their spells to their demons and djinn; and, April Fools is their New Year; now, we wrote the UNITED STATES OF SOUTH AFRICA over this 40 day period time as an un-binding of all their evil deceits and spells;

By the same mode by which a thing is bound, by that is it released. 2 Rolle, 21.

While some of you may think that our battle is only physical, many know that our battle is not of the flesh, but of the spirit; and, “as above, so below.” There is a battle for souls raging on all levels; for those of you who are attuned, you can feel it strongly;

And, the people are now wide awake and aware; this last month there have many peoples’ meetings on taking action and protesting around Southern Africa; this is a sign that our ripples in the pond of Life are breaking the pattern of thousands of years of control;

Now, we are not on social media, but members have brought the DA’s Motion of No Confidence campaign to our attention; and, now everyone is all fired up in moral indignation to fire Jacob Zuma; what inspires us is that the people are taking action by making the vote of no confidence; what concerns us is how easily people can be manipulated by the political party system;

Dear people, what has been revealed to us over the last 2 months has been chilling; it was innocently revealed to us that for two years now the secret societies have been attempting a Coup d’état on South Africa; thankfully, they cannot agree on uniting – the greed and hunger for power between the local elite and the foreign elite have left them squabbling like dogs over a bone; a bankrupt, fraudulent and foreclosed bone, might we add;

TEXAS GUINAN - A politician is

Now, we can tell you this much; the DA is Zionist funded viper’s nest of freemasons:

Zionism is not Judaism; Ashke-Nazi Zionism aims to destroy Judaism; the two are locked in a ancient blood feud between Solomon’s people and Hiram Abiff’s brotherhoods of the serpent; the latter aims to discredit Judaism;

And, as we explained in U.S. of S.A. Part V – Occult freemasonry is evil; the lower levels might be innocent, but their “grand masters” are demonologists and satanists; no form of evil can be condoned, ever;

When anything by itself is not evil, and yet may be an example for evil, it is not to be done. 2 Inst. 564.

We are going to ensure that the evil of SA secret societies be exposed; and, be investigated by 2019; and, then be abolished;

In the same manner that a thing is bound it is unloosed. Livingston v. Lynch, 4 Johns. Ch. (N. Y.) 582.

Last month, the Grand Master of the Knights of Malta did his rounds around South Africa; in fact we were invited to meet him; luckily, we investigated this guy first; he fronts as an upstanding Christian, but is in truth a minion of evil; even the Christian Churches are taken in by the false charity and false light of satan; but, because this was brought to our attention we managed to educate some Church elders into the truth behind this false messiah; they took heed and the evil was averted;

Yes we know that Jacob Zuma is greedy and without morals and ethics, but so is everyone else trying to live at the expense of everyone else; and, he may be corrupt, but he is not a devout freemason or satanist; that much is clear; otherwise there would not be a tussle between him and the DA;

H.L. MENCKEN - Democracy is

Remember, we have no more government but corporations fronting as government; and, these corporations are nothing more than money bill collectors; and, SARS, SARB and the National Treasury are the 3 pillars of the federal “government”; it operates under the U.S. Uniform Commercial Code and local and international Bills of Exchange Acts as well as Securities Acts;

And, Pravin Gordhan may have been a good guy when he helped found the United Democratic Front, but he has obviously since then been groomed by the foreign elite; and, learnt all the inner workings of the money bills scam; at least by the time he was chairman of the World Customs Organization from 2000 to 2006.

In this world of money bill exchange, Pravin is the “banker”, the “securities intermediary”; so, Pravin and an inner circle obviously learnt how to profit hugely off of money-bill collecting; from wikipedia:

On the eve of the 2016 Budget Speech, that was to be tabled on the 24th February 2016, a list of questions from the Hawks was sent to Pravin Gordhan. In total there were 27 questions around the alleged “rogue unit” at South African Revenue Service.[10] Mr Gordhan was the SARS commissioner in 2007, when the so-called rogue unit was set up. He has maintained that it was above board and had ministerial approval.[11] Many questioned the timing of the questions sent including Gwede Mantashe, the Secretary General of the African National Congress.[12] Pravin Gordhan himself was baffled by the questions, having the following to say “Once again, the Hawks and those who instruct them, have no regard for the economic and social welfare of millions”.[13] He then sent a letter to the Hawks through his department that he would be unable to meet the deadline imposed. The letter from his office stated that “He will respond in due course, once he has properly examined the questions and ascertained what information, of the information you request, he is able to provide”. He also wanted to know of what authority the Hawks are asking these questions of him.[14] On the 30th March 2016, he replied to the questions put to him by the Hawks.[15] Mr Gordhan was quoted as saying, “I believe this was meant to intimidate and distract us from the work we had to do in preparing the 2016 Budget”.[16]

In October 2016, South Africa state prosecutor levied fraud charges against Gordhan for allowing a former colleague at the South African Revenue Service and then re-hiring them as a consultant. Charges were dropped few days later.[17]

Things that make one go hmmm…

And, with us educating Jacob Zuma on the money bill scam in the abathembu Royal Kingdom v. RSA INC. case, old JZ has now wisened up to the money bill scam; and, this is not the first time there has been a tug-o-war between JZ and PG;

We smile to see the political spin-doctors have run out of scriptwriters; now they are modifying our scripts and using our language, but twisting it to suit them; in fact, less than two days after we exposed the banking fraud to JZ in 2016, he announced the banking system would be investigated; but, we know that he is just the manager of a company called RSA INC. no different to KFC; he has no power and no say; we are being controlled from outside Southern Africa; from London, New York, Rome and Washington D.C.

However, to us it is clear signs that they know that we, the people mean business; the ripples that were started by the late Johan Joubert were carried and continued by others; these ripples have now rippled through the banksters and their attorneys, the courts, Constitutional Hill and through thousands of departments; and, the 1% know the writing is on the wall; and, they are now already on the retreat, yet still trying their level best to hang onto their false power; instead of coming to the table and engaging in nation-building and saving our Republic;

They already know that We, the People Movement is gathering itself for the final push from 2017 to 2019; last month, Major change is prophesied over Southern Africa; and, the Apostolic and Protestant Churches will play a big roll;

HOWEVER, in order to fulfill the Freedom Charter and RDP we will be required to take action; and, part of a united action is the SA Peoples Referendum 2017 – 2019; we have two years in which to un-vote the Washington Consensus and restore the Republic; and, the people we have been interacting with over the last month have expressed this themselves; yay!!!

AND, the faster we do it, the less the collateral damage there will be; keep in mind that as we move forward, the cabal are going to rock the boat; they already are…

All is not going to be sunshine and roses; there is a storm on the horizon; and, we are not going to escape it; it will be up to you, dear people, as to how much storm we go thru; we are asleep at the wheel; unless we take control of the ship, it is being purposefully steered straight into the eye of the tsunami; and, not everyone has woken up yet; so, we strongly suggest you tighten your seatbelts, the RSA INC. financial rollercoaster ride is about to begin;



The politicians and RSA INC. can hire and fire whoever they like; it makes no difference to us; their game is up; they have stalemated themselves; they cannot move which is good for us; only we, the people can save ourselves; it gives us time to unite, but not much;

RSA a foreign federal corporation; a contractor; they are supposedly contracted by we, the people of the Republic of South Africa to provide us with services; however, instead of sticking to the contract, they have become nothing more than money bill collectors; Cash Confiscatory Agencies as Mary Elizabeth Croft calls them in her epic e-book;

Now, we all know RSA INC. sucks at providing services; each community can provide these services better themselves, directly; and, save themselves millions in the process; and, create jobs in the process; while also keep money flow circulating within the communities and not sucked out, like the RSA INC. vampires have been doing;

Now that everything has been set in place by OPPT and Judge Anna von Reitz, we are going to start notifying and firing these fake service providers; but, first we aim to set down the BAR legal system; feel free to follow us to get regular updates as things progress.

United we peacefully stand;

Sincerely, UZA team

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