The Rockefellers and One’s Point of Being


From New Eastern Outlook, by Grete Mautner

Hamlet’s “to be, or not to be” involuntarily arises in one’s memory when one faces the necessity to objectively assess the meaning of one’s being.

The recent death of the oldest billionaire in the world – David Rockefeller provoked a retrospective analysis the things he achieved in most media sources across the world. There was a joke about the founder of the Rockefeller dynasty – John Rockefeller that allegedly dreamed of earning a million dollars and see his 100th anniversary. He became a billionaire, but died at age of 97. David outlived the first Rockefeller to get rich by only 4 years.

But when one’s start speaking about Rockefellers, it is interesting not curious facts of David’s or John’s biography that come to mind, but their active attempts to redraw the entire world in accordance with their “family values.”

David Rockefeller had…

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