edited version of “Inverted Totalitarianism”

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A blogger friend of mine in Denver did a nice edit/rewrite of my short off-the-cuff essay which I would like to share:
In 2003, political philosopher Sheldon Wolin coined the phrase Inverted Totalitarianism to describe a society willingly, and unconsciously, accepting deeply entrenched American and foreign corporate masters.
The lengthy history of this modern American totalitarianism is based on the fact that the USA is set up as a corporation where the economics of the 1%, represented by ruthless bankers, deftly circumvent the intent of the founding fathers by overthrowing our liberty with false hope through the use of a duopoly of Republicans and Democrats! Additionally, they, The Federal Reserve and their fellow central bankers, manipulate saving and spending decisions through fiat currency and rigged interest rates.
Truth, justice, and the American way used to be the province of Superman, but they’ve taken over…

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