A Sense of Propriety

The Rio Norte Line

“We blush for the impudence and rudeness of another, though he himself appears to have no sense of the impropriety of his own behaviour; because we cannot help feeling with what confusion we ourselves should be covered, had we behaved in so absurd a manner.”

~ Adam Smith, “Of the Sense of Propriety” (1759)

“These are the times that try men’s souls” wrote Thomas Paine in December of 1776.

It certainly seems our souls are being tried in these times. Not a day passes without the opportunity to be disappointed in almost everything. About forty percent of America is disappointed that their authoritarian socialist messiah was deposed by a nasty little document called the Constitution, another forty percent is disappointed their new authoritarian populist messiah is being hamstrung by both the actions the old messiah took before leaving office and those his loyalists are taking today and the remaining…

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