Video: Looming Geopolitical and Environmental Disasters. Documentary Reveals

Counter Information

Global Research, March 03, 2017
Russia Insider 26 February 2017

Thirty Seconds to Midnight explores the fallout of U.S. foreign policy

Documentary filmmaker Regis Tremblay is trying to get the word out about the dangers of nuclear war, nuclear power, and climate change.

In 2016, he traveled to Odessa, Ukraine, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Crimea to complete filming for his new film, Thirty Seconds to Midnight. It’s not a romantic comedy, in case you were wondering.

This is not Tremblay’s first rodeo, though. In 2012, he went to Jeju Island in South Korea to document a six-year continuous protest against the construction of a massive naval base to accommodate America’s “pivot to Asia.” What he learned there about America’s complicity in horrendous massacres before and during the Korean conflict motivated him to make The Ghosts of Jeju, a film about the indigenous people of…

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